C/O ‘20 PG Tramon Mark commits

(Russell Wayne Sollock) #61

He was having a very good run through conference shooting the ball prior to the end of the season. I would call it a much improved shot.


He regressed towards the end… I hope, he becomes a more consistent three point threat, so coach can play him more. Everything else, besides free throw shooting, is solid.

(Russell Wayne Sollock) #63

He slumped some in the post season. Regression is not the word I use for it.
Brooks also slumped some over the past couple years. It happens, especially with fr. Sometimes there are reasons and sometimes it happens because that IS basketball.
One thing I hope our guys learn to do is to play off of Deeky’s ability to drive and draw attention.
Not only will it help them but will also help DJ if his teammates learn to flow without the ball in their hands


Oh man, Brooks IS a shooter. Hinton, not so much. He’s slasher.

(Gerald) #65

Hinton is a shooter. His midrange shot was deadly during the season. I think the long season took a toll as he is a true freshman.

What i like about Deeky and Hinton is that they both can get to the basket and get the big men involved.

I think both Deeky and Hinton need two seasons before being NBA ready. But with a good summer who knows.

(PMM) #66

I’m just fine with Hinton.

He is real deal.

(Russell Wayne Sollock) #67

Missed the point Progs but that’s okay.


We agree to disagree!


The real deal with a flaw 3 point shot, I agree.


if we are good next year, dejon will be a huge reason…i just dont see him staying if we are good

he will be a 6’5 point guard, on a good team , with the agility of someone 5’10…who led his team to a lets say sweet 16

there is no way he will make it to his senior season if we are good…dejon comes back if we arent good and arent getting media attention…dejon was getting nba looks this year (had scouts at our game)

(Drew) #71

Uhmump95 is spot on. Hinton’s midrange game was money, and he probably wore down a bit as a true freshman towards the end of the season. Also, I wouldn’t exactly call him a poor 3 pt shooter seeing as how he shot almost 34% from beyond the arc. He played like a true freshman at times during the tournament but he started to hit the corner 3 consistently as season progressed.

Remember, Robinson couldn’t shoot the 3 his first few years so I suspect Hinton will be better next year after another offseason. I suspect he’ll shoot around 35-6% this year if he puts the time in the gym. Just like Jearreu, who shot 27% from from beyond the arc at UMASS and is now up to a solid 34%.


in your scenerio its 2 ships to give , not 3

we have 3 available now, if 2 go to 2019 players …we will only have 1, 2 if dejon is in the league

(Russell Wayne Sollock) #73

Considering his struggles early in the season, saying he was POOR is quite a stretch. A good argument that he was actually GOOD during conference play can be made.


What are y’all talking about? Hinton can shoot. Had some growing pains as a freshman but shot 86% from the line and 42% !! from 3 during conference play. In fact he had a better 3 pt % in conference than both Davis and Brooks.


He shot 33.7% from 3… 4 d season :grimacing:

(Russell Wayne Sollock) #76

For the record there is no y’all. Only one person said he is a poor shooter.

Lol@progs still trying to defend what he blindly stated.



(Randy Randel) #78

He was over 50% in conference until he broke his nose

BTW Progs, I guess you can count CKS with the fans that have Nate overrated

(VancouverCOOG) #79

He broke his nose; so maybe that affected him a bit. Who knows? Anyhow, I hope he has a successful surgery and a great offseason/summer getting ready for next year.

(Robert Swearengin) #80

After Hinton broke his nose he could not breathe properly. Thus his conditioning declined. And thus his shooting declined.