C/O ‘20 PG Tramon Mark commits

(Kyle) #81

Nate Hinton is going to be a BEAST next year… anyone who doesn’t see that ain’t watching.


Thank u :grin:

(Randy Randel) #83

So he’s overrated because he broke his nose?

(Dan) #84

I see what you did there

(Charles) #85

Nate was a frosh last year. Can’t wait to see what a year will bring to all four of our young guys.

(Drew) #86

I watched him in every game. His minutes went up and down as he went through periods of adjustment as a true frosh. There is no doubting his immense potential and talent, though. His mid range jumper and crossover for a guy his size is sick! I also liked his ability to dish the ball when he drove past players. The sky is the limit for this kid.

(bg) #87

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6:58 AM - 24 Apr 2019

(Lincoln Scott) #88

Espn has him at 6’6! Nice :slight_smile:


Probably see some time at Sf/Sg/Pg love the versatility ala Hinton.

(Jimmy Morris) #90

Hinton appeared in 37 games. In his first 18 games he was 9 of 38 from 3 point range, including his 3 of 5 being his top performance at Temple toward the end of those 18 games. So first half of the season he shot 23.7%. The second half of the season, he hit 19 of 45 from 3 which comes out to 42.2%.

Hinton even talked about in an interview halfway through the season that it was taking a bit of time getting use to the pace of college basketball versus high school basketball. What’s more likely, Nate’s second year being equal to or worse than his first year or Nate’s second year being equal to or better than the second half of his first year?

(Butch) #91

I am not sure when he will go to the next level but I plan on rooting for the young man while he is in a Coog uniform. He is very poised, has a great basketball IQ, is a team player and can make things happen in the paint. When the treys are dropping he is very special.
If he is dropping a lot of bombs next season there is no doubt he will at least test the waters.
Whoever thinks this young man is overrated must need glasses…or new glasses

(Russell Wayne Sollock) #92

Watchout or progs will say you don’t know anything about basketball and have never played.


Well… The masses have spoken and said I was right :joy::joy::joy:


You should run for POTUS. You got the right attitude!

(Russell Wayne Sollock) #95

Talking about Fuzzy Math.:wink::wink::wink:

(Mike Higdon) #96

To put some things in perspective, here are some stats from last year:
Corey Davis JR: 202 of 481 from floor for 42%, 111 of 296 from 3 pt for 37.5% 113 of 130 FT for 86.9%

Armoni Brooks: 172 of 425 from floor for 40.5%, 121 of 310 from 3 pt for 39%, 29 of 46 FT for 63%

DeJon Jarreau: 90 of 191 from floor for 47.1%, 12 of 33 from 3 pt for 36.4%, 68 of 98 FT for 69.4%

Nate Hinton: 90 of 218 from floor for 41.3%, 28 of 83 from 3 pt for 33.7%, 60 of 70 FT for 85.7%

I think all of the returning 3 are very good players and will be better next year. Jarreau’s FG % are higher due to all of the layups he made, whereas, Hinton and Brooks took a higher % of outside shots. We need for Hinton to drive it more to get to the FT line since he is the best of the 3. I am really excited about our future for the next several years.

BTW, remember that DeJon got off to a bad start before getting into stride. And He also had a tendency to turn it over. In 539 minutes he had 63 t/o’s, whereas in 1136 minutes Brooks had only 32 t/o’s, and in 712 minutes, Hinton had 34 t/o’s. Of course, since DeJon played the point a lot, he handled the ball more, so I’m not really sure how to properly evaluate the turnover numbers.

(Butch) #97

I am thinking both Jarreau and Armoni will be better from the free throw line next year…at least hoping so

(Russell Wayne Sollock) #98

Brooks got off to a real slow but did better and more what we expect to finish. However he will not be a player who gets to the line too often.

Jarreau shot them great for about 3/4 of the season before struggling some at the end. I believe both can shoot FTs and will be more consistent next season.

(Sam) #99

Shead checks in at #80, Cryer at #42, and Beekman at #45. So if we just get one of our three targeted point guards, not including the kid from NC we also like, our 2020 backcourt class will include two ESPN Top 100 kids plus they’ll be joined by the 3-point hot shot from Idaho as well as Mills, Sasser, and Roberts. Would love to complete the puzzle with Aku or Katt; in fact, the one with the biggest upside, someone who may have the potential to become a Bo Outlaw-type player is Katt. He’s moved to #6 in 247’s overall Texas player rankings. I think he’s now closer to 6’8-6’9.







there’s alot off talk about catt but we havent even offered him yet