C/O ‘20 PG Tramon Mark commits

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I don’t know. I’ve heard that interest in him has really picked up (he’s still raw but has moved ahead of Aku in the ratings), so I’m not sure what offers he has picked up in the last couple of weeks or so. He plays on the same AAU team as Tramon and LJ Cryer. But I think Aku might be more focused on LSU and UH, so very possible he’s our first target, and we certainly won’t take two centers. I’m beginning to wonder if we told Tyson and Ledee that whoever committed first would get the ship. We really need a pure point guard—one of Shead, Cryer, Beekman, Gaines (GA), or Carr (NC)—and a big man. Ledee would have to sit next year and then probably would be Gorham’s reserve the following season. That trail appears to have gone cold, but we’ll see.


I love me some Catt. Dude has an inspiring story ala Michael Jordan/Anthony Davis


Damn… @SamHouston1, those rankings are from Espn and not 247sports. The links u posted.

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??? The links take you to 247. I dunno.

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I believe Catt plays with the Houston Defenders not Houston Hoops.

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When he was 14…https://youth1.com/basketball/1398288-2020-tramon-mark-one-of-the-best-guards-in-the-country

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I like his game a lot. Great size, length, and ball-handling skills.


He still has one more year to develop even more. Upside! Upside! Upside!

He has some De’Aaron Fox vibes to him.