C/O '20 SS Tre Richarson commits to Houston

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Tre plays for Kingwood


Cougar Baseball Recruiting

Great player! Infield skills are insane!


Nice, would be awesome if could get his teammate Masyn Winn as well

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Tre will be at UH this week

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_trerichardson4 Sadly my sophomore season has come to a close (ironically football and baseball both ended 3rd round at uofh lol🤨) and the outcome was far from what any of us wanted, but what I’m most down about wasn’t the game ending, but the fact that I won’t ever play with some of closest friends ever again. I love everyone on this team as if we’re brothers, and I thank the lord that he blessed me with this experience. Thank you to the students, parents, and staff of kingwood hs as well as the supporters we had from all over the city and state that followed us on this long ride. One last thank you to my teammates that I spent almost the majority of my time with. Although it’s a bittersweet ending, seniors go do some huge things in life and as for the players returning next season we’ve got unfinished business to take care of next season. #kingwoodstrong

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As Tre Richardson put his cleats in the dirt at Andy Wells Field for the first day of baseball practice it brought back memories from his freshman season.

The shortstop said it felt good to be on the field that has become a tradition in Kingwood after Harvey ripped the experience away last year. The Mustangs started after school practice on Jan. 25 at Andy Wells Field to begin the 2019 season.

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Sounds like a STUD!!!

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