Caleb Mills: "I felt Houston is where I could maximize my talent."

Caleb Mills: “I just wanted to go where I knew I could get better.”


Great interview! I like Mills’ mindset, he just wants to play. This quote made me laugh.

“Nah. I wasn’t worried about that. We could have been playing in the Guy V (Guy V Lewis Development Center). I just want to play for Houston. I wasn’t about all this (the bells and whistles).”


HRR is so good to us locally


HRR has a link to ESPN+ where they get commission and it costs the new subscriber nothing. Next year when I sign up I’ll try to remember to use Gardner’s link. He’s been good to us.


I like Caleb Mills because he doesn’t answer questions to make the questioner happy. Just the straight truth. That kind of attitude makes people uncomfortable at first but makes them respect you once they get to know you. You don’t get a bull## answer.

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A lot like his coach.

"It appears Mills will have the chance to get some serious playing time after enrolling at Houston in January of 2019, and I have no doubt he’s going to contribute right away, leaving people wondering “how the hell did this kid get out of NC?”


Thanks for that info…will definitely use his link when I sign up.