Can Caleb Mills play this season for another team

Doesn’t seem right to me that a player can quit his team in the middle of a season and then play for another team in the same season. Does anyone know?

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I’ve gotten mixed up on this a couple of times but I’m pretty sure that is right. The immediate transfer waiver required being enrolled at your new school in the fall.

Though I would bet Caleb is playing ball at his new school in the fall rather than the spring, either because he gets a waiver or because the NCAA changes their rules permanently or gives another blanket waiver next year.

I wouldn’t think so.

Which makes him “entering the transfer portal” mid season all the more strange.

He quite literally quit the team.


IMHO could have used him today

We won by 21 points and it wasn’t that close. Please elaborate.


Agreed. We had an opportunity to play just about everyone today

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If he doesn’t get a waiver in the fall or there isn’t a blanket waiver the difference is that he’d be eligible next spring instead of the following fall. It doesn’t happen that often but it does happen every now and then where guys transfer midseason because they know they don’t want to be where they are at anymore and want to get eligible at their new school sooner, or in rare cases they do it in their senior season to kind of jump ship and finish their career somewhere else the following spring.

I think Torian Graham actually did that here in CKS’s first or second season, and surprise, surprise, folks seemed to have less energy getting mad about that for what it’s worth.

As more information has come out, I think his decision to leave when he did was probably a lot of things.

Yes, but only because it would have given the main contributors more chance to rest. Each depth is always important, even in blowout wins.

This is such an odd take unless it was sarcasm.

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All eleven available scholarship players played today (not Fabian )and ALL scored !!

Once Powell gains a little muscle he has a chance to be a special player.
He’s quick and can jump and looks to be a decent shooter. He is the best frosh center prospect we have had in awhile.


What!! Delete post.

Very odd. Like, what the sam hill was that.

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