Can students sell student section tickets?

(Jimmy Morris) #1

Obviously they can try but can non students even use them? I see for the first time on Stubhub a student section ticket for $65. I feel like there is something they have to sign that keeps these tickets from being scalped. Anyone have the facts on this one way or the other?

(Cristian) #2

Students tickets can be used by anyone because they dont check student i.d’s and only ask for your ticket to say student gen adm when scanned. Generally, if you want a student seat on the side than you dont need a wrist band and if you want a sideline seat then you need a wrist band. I’ve seen the table by the entrance. hypothetically, My cousin who is a student could’ve sold her lsu and oregon tickets to non students. Im not snitching though.


They don’t check student ID’s, ohhhh.

(CoogsOfCV3) #4

This is something that upsets us (the group as a whole). One of our members sold tickets for the Astros on Stubhub, and said that whenever you type in the barcode/send the ticket to SH, it knows the exact seat/row/whatever. UH/SH should put a sanction on that.

There was one day where we bought a few student section football tickets that were being sold and gave them away at the gate. That was fun.