Can you believe this for Thursday nite?


UH and and SMU are not on TV even though we are ranked but East Carolina and South Florida the two bottom teams in the league are both on ESPN.

(PMM) #2

It is on TV on Wednesday night.




I’m astounded they don’t replay all our games, too.


Doh! :joy:


I could be wrong but I think the AAC TV schedule is determined before the season starts.

(Jimmy Morris) #7

You are probably right. When they scheduled UH and SMU to play on Wednesday, they thought it was best to televise the game on Wednesday instead of Thursday. I can hardly believe that decision myself.


Well I was wrong. My mistake but I have been wrong before and unlike some people I know I will be wrong sometime again in the future.

(Balt) #9

Too funny. Attaway to take it in stride Delmar.


I would rather watch UH practice on Thursday.

What kind of sadistic individual would put ECU on TV?


Maybe there is some value in seeing what kinds of records their opponent will set?

I do wish UH was playing on Thursday instead of Wednesday. It’s selfish, but I would really like to watch both the UH game and the Rockets game without having to record one of them. Oh well, I guess I can watch UH then catch the end of the Rockets game.

(Patrick) #12

Shouldn’t be too much overlap between the games. Coogs start at 8 and should be done around 10. Rockets start at 9:30 so they’ll probably get through the 1st quarter.

(Tom Green) #13

On the West Coast. Got to keep up to be hardcore fan. #GoCoogs #Rockets


Thursday morning is going to be tough, but the Rockets look to be historically good this year. Funnest Rockets team I’ve had the pleasure of following in quite a while.

(Tom Green) #15

Mentally tough. Back/back gms showing resiliency. Nobody padding the stat sheet. They are very good but it’s always cloudy w GLDN STATE in the room.

(Jimmy Morris) #16

Just so you know, it was meant to be humorous, not mean. Sorry if you felt attacked. There is a chance that I might have missed the game myself if it wasn’t for this thread. So thanks for that.

(Jimmy Morris) #17

I use to watch every Rockets game but now, just like MLB, the season seems way too long. Now I just wait for the playoffs unless there is absolutely nothing else for me to do/watch.

(Alfred Matthews) #18

I live and die with the rockets. astros too. i’ll watch the first part of the UH/SMU game then I’m tuning in to see the rockets vs the clippers.


No, he’s not coaching SMU anymore. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Jimmy Morris) #20

Probably should be DiehardRocket713. A die hard Coog wouldn’t miss the second half of an important Cougar basketball game to catch the first half of a Rocket game.