Cannot let off the gas after 2 quarters

Taking King out after the second Q is way too early in CFB.
Our 3 & Outs in the 3rd quarter will wear our D players out over the course of the year.
Score and make the clock the other guy’s problem.
We are trying for respect as well. Giving up 400+ yards in the 2nd half will not get us that.

I will say, when King is in and the O is firing they look unstoppable. Even with a few big drops I love how well the O executed.

And when the D was in attack mode AZ was helpless. Great effort.

Just want Applwhite to put his foot on the other teams throat.


Winning by 70 or 80 points is the new 50 and the definition of whipping somebody.

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It is early in a long season, clearly we wer the better team today. With depth issues, yes, begin substitutions unless you feel that you need to bring in the starters again. We did both. I am satisfied.


Remember it was brutally hot on the field. TV showed field temperature around 130 degrees. I think i sweat out 10 pounds where it was cool (in the stands)

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Style points matter when you’re an unranked G5 school trying to crack the Top 25.

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I have borrowed this post from another thread and just edited it if someone was thinking it looked familiar. Hey what can I say.:face_with_monocle:

If you watch the replay at 1:13:17 you see King being attended to by Doc O’shea. There’s about 2:52 left till half. When we get the ball back is when you see Dormandy entering. Then at 1:41:46 still with 11:21 in the 3rd. Oliver comes out. He literally falls down and grabs a ref. for a injury timeout. King came back out in the 3rd and started. Forget your 2 most important players have succumbed to the heat, lets keep them in there because a 38 - 0 lead is not good enough. There’s nothing Coach can do right. Sorry to all of our Football Coaches out there in Internet land but CMA did the right thing. As far as King goes he was taken out with 3:16 left in the 3rd. We missed a FG at 6:21. Arizona drove and got a FG. So it was nowhere near what you said about King coming out in the 2nd. I’m not a big fan of letting off the gas either. I just think it throws the rhythm of the Offense off. But I do understand the reasoning behind it. You not only have a big lead but now the clock is running down and it doesn’t leave the other team with enough possessions to make a come back. Of course you’re hoping they can’t score like we can with 40 second and a minute and 20 second drives.
Any way as Fans it’s a lot more fun complaining about things like this then " the offense sucks, cant’t make a 1st down, where’s all of our play makers, etc. We have won 2 games with one against a “P5”. The Offense is looking mighty good. The Defense is looking OK. Special Teams looks solid, except the one missed FG but the KO coverage was A+, Dane is solid. He usually keeps the ball in play trapping the other team inside the 20 and he is able to punt the ball high enough that the coverage is there when it is caught when he’s not trying to box them in.


Hey we’re not complaining about taking King out, it was the play calling. A bunch of up the middle run plays in a row. Like we reverted back to last year. Look what it got us, a down Arizona team given hope and scoring on us.

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The OP’s first line mentioned King coming out in the 2nd Q. Unless he meant the statement as a hyperbole. I was just trying to point out that King appeared to need Doc’s opinion on what he was feeling. It appeared to be the same place they were looking at on Oliver, left lower side. I was pointing out before the Half King was not cleared or they decided to keep him out so they could evaluate him in the locker and Dormandy came out to finish the Half. Then King started the 3rd Q.
Oh trust me I think I have that play burned in my eyeballs. It was almost as bad as watching Helton’s offense, again Almost. As I’ve stated I’m not much of a letting off the pedal either. But as I mentioned I understand the philosophy on it. I remember back during the Run N Shoot there was times I wish it had some time killing plays in it. I can’t think of a game right now but I know there were a couple we could have won if only we could have killed a couple of minutes. But that wasn’t Coach Jenkins mindset. Man it was fun watching just like this offense. Keep in mind at least it is possible that one of the backs could hit a seam and go. Last year there was no chance of that happening. LOL


For Synthetic fields, the company that makes them actually have a warning that states not to use them when termperatures on the field get above 120 degrees. Says that they can cause burns on skin as well as the temperature just being too hot.

Always the problem when folks complain that teams like A&M or UT play during the day…yes, they do, but they don’t play on synthetic fields. Synthetic fields have been proven to be 10 degrees hotter than natural grass fields and they retain the heat. Very dangerous playing surface in conditions like yesterday.


This. Sub in the 2nd/3rd stringers to get experience. Fine, no problem but running the same play 3 times every drive and giving the ball back to UA is stupid. Run the same freaking offense.

Lets face it, someone on the sidelines either CMA or CKB thought the same because both first string O and D came back in to put the game away with that goal line stand and final drive to get to 45.

Plus if you’re giving the backups experience then give them experience in the new offense, not the old one that ended up causing people to boo.

The flip side is, if the backups can’t execute then that means turnovers. Catch 22

And playing backups doesn’t necessarily have to mean wholesale substation. Maybe we slip in a couple of 2nd/3rd stringers at a time. I know that is thinking outside the box but who knows, could it be any worse than what are we doing …

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Coogs vs Pttt. Biggest bowl comeback in history. Enough said.There was plenty of time when we stopped them 4 plays in a row at our goal line. If they had scored we let them back in the game.

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