Caravan tonight

Great caravan tonight going on, much improved over last week. CDH is doing a great job…interactive zoom questions fully functional. Clayton Tune and Payton Turner zoomed in as well. Impressive. (Turner 4.0 gpa this semester!) Tune in if you can.

Sampson up now.

Sampson being Sampson as usual. Doesn’t mince words. Wish they would podcast this later for those who couldn’t tune in.

On a related note, disappointed to say how few (under 200 the time I checked) participants were in on the zoom. I can see how the coaches get discouraged at times.


Don’t know anything about the Caravan or else I would have been on.

Got an email today from UH Athletics with the information


Got question if Brison is ready to replace Harris in nr. 5. Said he and Harris have been switching all long. CKS said he was more worried about who was going to replace Brison. Said he likes to have 3 at the 5 spot. (That was my question btw). Its been speculated on this board that there’s a big standing by if Hinton or Jarreau go pro. I hope so.


A couple of takes from Dana:
Won’t get a transfer QB to come in with a solid starting QB (Tune) already in place. You have to be careful stacking QB’s because if don’t get to play, they will transfer.

Last year’s class had 13 transfers which didn’t count toward ratings. A bunch this year won’t as well. He doesn’t care about ratings; he uses their own evaluations. A rough paraphrase, “Rivals ratings are to sell subscriptions.”

Tune had a 3.4 GPA, Turner a 4.0.

Per Turner, last year there was a lack of trust from a lot of the players for whatever reason, but as the year went on more trust developed and by spring there was complete buy in.

A couple of takes from Kelvin:
Prouder of Chris Harris graduating than anything.

He never saw so many 4.0 GPAs this spring. He said it was due to spring’s adjusted grading system where if you made a B (and I think a C) you could take an S (satisfactory) and it would not affect your GPA. So if you had an A and 4 B’s, you could take an S on the Bs and have a 4.0 semester average.

He only plays 5 guards - period. Right now we have 8 counting Nate and Deeky who may or may not return.

He expects a really good year from Fabian. Expects Grimes to have a good year as well. Raved about Tramon. Powell will come in and play right away.


I couldn’t access the Zoom over my PC. Tried multiple times. I switched to my phone and got onto it. I don’t believe that was me. We use Zoom all the time at the office or with clients.

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I didn’t know about it and did not know how to access it…otherwise there would have been 201.

When you put something at 5 PM on Tuesday, 9 times out of 10 I am not going to make it. My weekly 4 to 5 PM call ran until 5:30 PM so I did not bother to join mid-stream. I am actually surprised it hit triple digits but pleasantly surprised…

I used to go to the Road Shows at places like the Ragin Cajun and I think 200 would have been about the size of the crowd there, if not more – let’s face it, the room we were in only held so many. So a couple hundred on the zoom seems fine to me. Those of us who logged in spread the news anyway.

Can’t share that pessimism. 200 is a really good number to me at 5pm on a Wednesday, during a Pandemic. It’s a zoom meeting not a game. You don’t think the basketball games are going to be sold out when/if the season starts on time? I do.


Good responses, probably was too pessimistic in my comment. This “isolation” thing made me think that there were a lot of fans with flexibility time-wise, anxious for any kind of sports news.

Another one next week!


Yeah that many doing this via ZOOM is pretty darn good. I just waited to get reports and it is about what I expected. Soft ball questions, etc.

As far as Dana starting off by getting on someone…Its just not the same as going in person and have Sumlin insult you to your face. :slight_smile:


LOL, Coaches don’t give a flying flip about ratings…it’s for all us Lombardis that know more than than them :grinning:

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Soooo, how does one gain access to the caravan?

See if this works

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Thanks Low, I just registered.

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Per today’s email, tonight’s Caravan Sounds Pretty Good–

From 5 to 5:45 p.m., Jeremy Branham will host the Coaches Carvan and will be joined by Men’s Basketball Head Coach Kelvin Sampson and guards Marcus Sasser and Quentin Grimes.

From 5:45 to 6:45 p.m., Kevin Eschenfelder will take over as host, and Football Head Coach Dana Holgorsen will join the call with wide receiver Marquez Stevenson, safety Deontay Anderson, linebacker Grant Stuard and offensive lineman Braylon Jones.

Anybody get the login Call in data?

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