Cards or Tickets

(YaW00CougarFootball) #1

Just got done with renewal. It didn’t give me the option for cards this year. Anyone know if they’re doing them or are we getting hard tickets?

(Cristian) #2

They sent an email i believe last season or right before basketball saying the cards were no longer an option at ththe time or in the future so i think we all are getting tickets with the online option.

(PMM) #3

Well, that sucks.


I called the ticket office to set up my 4 monthly payments and asked if I could receive the cards. Response was “cards are not available, only tickets”.

(PMM) #5

That seems like a step backward.

I wasn’t aware that there was ever a problem with the cards ?

They sure were handy if you ask me.

(Jimmy Morris) #6

I’m guessing it’s an attempt to lower no shows. Tickets are easy to resell, email, transfer or send back to the ticket office. People using cards have to go through more trouble if they can’t make a game.

(Randy ) #7

You can reprint the tickets online if you have the card or if you have physical tickets. That’s the easiest way to resell because you usually need it electronically. It’s pretty simple and I did it a lot last year for basketball living out of state.

I think the cards were just pain to administer and they never got it right.

(David) #8

I liked the cards because I could send the electronic ticket to someone across town on game day right up to an hour before kickoff and they could still make the game rather than trying to meet up.

If I can do that with physical tickets and reprint from my account, I guess I don’t have a preference.

(Russel ) #9

I’m guessing that is exaclty why they discontinued it. The negative customer impact on messing up.


The ticket office said too many people were losing cards. Difficult and expensive to replace.