Carlos Grace decommits; Lakes Creates to UT

Putting them both in one thread.

Grace put out on twitter that he was no longer going to attend UH. He was solid, but there were worries about his grades. Saw that Texas State immediately offered him.

Also, Lakes Creates got a job with the football media department at UT. Good for him as he now has a steady paying job.

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UT even took Lake Creates!!! GOD DANGIT!!! RUINED MY WEEKEND!!!



Trying to make those losses to Kansas and Iowa St look good in videos is not going to be an easy task…


Grace probably didnt make his grades…too bad…

That’s what I am thinking. Seems happy with his TX.State offer.

Sorry to hear about Grace. Seems like Houston was his dream choice. Wish him well.

As for Lakes, time to ‘Unfollow’ Glad to have seen Nat Diaz beat down Connor McGregor!


Sucks he won’t be doing UH videos anymore, but good that he got a steady paying job.

How sure are we Grace decommitted? Its not updated on 247.I didnt see a post from JD either.

Grace posted this 4 days ago and has it pinned:


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