Carrier lands at UH

(Joseph A Martin Jr) #1

Eventually we’ll actually hire someone :slight_smile:

(Ben) #2

Wow ! Where did you see that?

(Bryant Hargrave) #3

That’s a solid troll job. 4 trolling points to you.

(jb) #4

Wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if he tried to poach potential members of Dana’s staff. Just like their fanbase, Herman is obsessed with UH for some reason. However, I would also like to ask where are you seeing this?

(Joseph A Martin Jr) #5

Mr Vaughn what say ye?

(Ben) #6

Taken from another premium site. Kind of Hermanesque I guess.

(Bryant Hargrave) #7

I won’t dispute the Hermanesque move if it where to happen. Dude is petty AF.

(Joseph A Martin Jr) #8

Just was hoping V may supply some info.

(Chris Vaughan) #9

I continue to hope that Carrier is a Houston Cougar coach.

(Dave) #10

I found this link … appears to be a mt’eer fan spreading rumors …


Good Ol’ Herman

We are a G5 with real P5 rivalries. I wouldn’t even call them rivalries. It’s straight disrespect for eachother.



Judas strikes again?

(Jay C.) #13

Color me skeptical. Nothing on UT site about Tyron at all.

(Thomas) #14

Well, if you know the biblia…you know that Judas had the coins…but in the end…having the coins didn’t turn out so well for Judas.


This was the best!!!

(Dave) #16

More info from the link … if one does a refresh …

Eermountain mt’neer fan is texting with Madcow12 who appears to be a horn …

Madcow12 mentions that he has gone to several horn sites and has not found anything … also mentions the current horn receiver coach Mehringer who is a Co-OC having to leave which make no sense since the horn receivers did fairly well this season …

THE ONLY horn assistant in trouble is Orlando … and I found Madcow12 investigating the buckeye’s DC who may be in limbo since Meyer is GWTW …


Heard the UT offer contingent on one of their 2 receiver coaches (Mehringer/Meekins) accepting a position some place else.


I’d be shocked, if Carrier isn’t here. Whatever UT offers, we will match. And he will come home.
I don’t know Carrier, but just my guess.
Plus the new staffers that I have met from Holgorsen’s staff and Holgorsen have all talked about Carrier as if it is a done deal.

(John Simpson) #19

I hope you’re right. But for Pete’s sake, do it already!


UT is currently paying Meekins 300k and Mehringer 350K and they have 2 of the bottom 3 salaries on the UT coaching staff. UT’s salary pool is 6.4 Million.

I have no idea what will happen of if UT will even need to hire another receivers coach. I didn’t hear which coach is being considered for another job, and/or which job it would be.

Mehringer tried to get the head job at JMU last month, but didn’t get it.