Carrier lands at UH

(Patrick) #21

UT was after Carrier before Dana departed WVU. Dana coming to UH has changed things for Tyron, but he’s still deciding at this point. We may be in the lead because he’s an alum, but we’ll see.


If Tyron goes to uta, after stating on camera about being an alum and coming back home, then it simply proves how loyalty has no play in college coaching. It’s all about the dollar.

(O. Emmanuel) #23

That’s a bit much. Don’t know what’s in Carrier’s head but it doesn’t hurt his chances of him continuing to gain experience and move up the ranks and still come home later especially if CDH is going to be staying a while. He has plenty of time. I rather him make the best decision for his career development long term keeping the option open to return than feeling obligated to come here right now.


Hope he comes here, but if not, that’s fine. He’ll do what he thinks is best for him, and no one should begrudge him for that. He was a great player while here, and represented UH well.

(Jason) #25

Thank you, Patrick! I was waiting on someone to put the kibosh on this whiny little TU angle, and you came through. Some of y’all need to get over yourselves. Herman doesn’t care about U of H to the point that he would need to poach them or block them or whatever.

Move on from this mentality, please, guys! We should be better than that.

(Jimmy Morris) #26

Also move on from calling them TU. A&M was doing that long before we ever entered the SWC.

(Jason) #27

Sounds like he may have wanted the Co-OC designation.

(Jason) #28

…and your point is?


Carrier isn’t going to UT! But and the keyword is but it’s not a done deal yet with UH either guys remember this is a business

(Patrick) #30

Yep, UT and UH aren’t the only ones offering.




He’s not going to Texas. They were never interested.

(Chris Vaughan) #33

You know that how?


Because Mehringer is staying onboard.


Don’t pay attention to @jackattack030 he’s just a Texas troll.

  1. Texas needs a lights out recruiter to keep up with A&M and OU he doesn’t do that
  2. No staff openings
  3. Doesn’t upgrade Texas staff
  4. No Texas reporter has confirmed this


@Progs is mad I called him out on stuff and can’t defend his argument.

(Chris Vaughan) #38

So you don’t know anything. What I thought.


I’m going by common sense. Carrier brings nothing to Texas. Reporters are saying Texas is talking to David Beaty the old Kansas head coach to help with Dallas/ Fort Worth recruiting. Both receivers coaches for Texas were informed today there contract was getting renewed. So how does carrier fit in at Texas? You’re going by something from Twitter.


What about all those talented WRs that rolled through TEXAS a few years ago. Roy Williams, Shipley, anyone…??? They should be able to tab one as coach. Check with Applewhite, who may know a few…