Carrier lands at UH


Thank you, that would be like Applewhite bring something to Houston…Have a good day, Horn.

(Brad) #42

Texas is stacked at WR. They have one going to the league and a sick class coming in. They are keeping their staff together.


I hope those 2 WR at Texas go to NFL draft

(Chris Vaughan) #44


You know nothing but the crap you read on the internet.


Better be ready to eat those words when carrier doesn’t end up at Texas.


Lil Jordan Humphrey has declared. Johnson is coming back.


Careful posting logic here.

(JohnnyCougar) #48

This thread certainly went down the toilet for no apparent reason.

(Chris Vaughan) #49

Didn’t say he would end up at Texas. I said you don’t know squat.


Sounds like Carrier and the others are coming in tomorrow to finalize deals.

(Ben) #51

I read where Carrier was sitting with Dana at the Rockets game .

(Timothy Q. Chan) #52

Carrier to the Rockets?!? DAMMIT!!!

(College of Technology Class of 1981) #53

I like that humor!

(Munzell Milluns) #54

Family is a small word even in college communities. The number of alums that will pick The H over money is probably small. I don’t expect much so I don’t get my feelings hurt.

(Ben) #55

I don’t expect much so I don’t get my feelings hurt.

I also try to not expect much, or maybe too much. I enjoy the games, prefer to see wins, but accept losses without letting it affect my blood pressure . . . . .


Yup, they were courtside for the first half, don’t think they came back for the second.

(Al) #57

They need his height…


Rockets get killed rebounding wise.


(Nick K) #60

Carrier has earned the reputation as the best wide recievers coach the last 2 years in coaching circles based on the performance at WVU.
He was a good value at WVU when CDH hires him and CDH is offering more here than he did at WVU but others like UT may offer more. If we offer 200k and UT offers 300k, couldn’t blame him for taking the 300k. He is young and has a young family and coaching is not a sure thing. He needs to make and save as much $ as he can. It’s more than school loyalty. None of the analysis on this site amounts to a hill of beans. Texas and others are definitely interested and Coach V gets his info from the sources that matter, I wouldn’t argue with him on this.
He may stay, he may go but it will most likely be a personal financial decision