Carrier lands at UH

(JohnnyCougar) #61

I’d be shocked if CTC isn’t coaching here this year. I’m thinking we’re dotting i’s and crossing t’s.

(Thomas) #62

If we have 4.5 mil for assistants and staff, surely we can pay Carrier what he needs to come to the UH and coach.

(Bill Goodman) #63

Texas renewed its Wide Receiver coach’s contract and we should be able to give Carrier a raise as he made $151,000


If you want to believe Texas is interested in Carrier even though both receiver coaches at Texas got contract extensions then more power to you. I’ll believe in facts and you can believe in fake news. Have a good day.

(David) #65

Same person that said Texas fans will be celebrating if Orlando is hired by Temple? Yeah, sure, okay. You sure know a lot about Texas football for someone on a Coogfans site…

(Nick K) #66

I do have facts, no internet sources or conjecture. From the source, facts.
while i hope he comes to UH, he may not and UT is not the only suitor, so simply watching them will not tell the whole story.

(Ben B) #67

I suspect the WR coaches getting their renewals this week is because they know Carrier isn’t coming. It doesn’t mean they weren’t offering like one troll is stating.


They have to work out the numbers for the DC before slotting pay grades for everyone else.

(JohnnyCougar) #69

It is no simpler than that.

(brian D GALLAGHER) #70 ‏ @ gocoogs1 7m7 minutes ago</small

It’s official - Tyron Carrier has joined Dana Holgorsen’s staff. # GoCoogs

(Chris Vaughan) #71

It wasn’t easy but glad it’s over.


Was it money or other offers?

(Chris Vaughan) #73

Schools have been talking to him for months including schools that some idiots said had no interest. Lets wait for the announcement.


Thanks Coach. I know the idiot who you are referring to :wink:

I heard he was a top of several people’s list. So I’m still cautiously hoping he will be announced officially here as well.

(Brad) #75

I’m seeing Holgorson in a completely different light. I’m very impressed with what I’ve read so far.

(David) #76

(Chris Vaughan) #77

That’s what I was waiting for. The title, Asst Head Coach, a guy needs a title to handle the drop from P5 to G5


Just going to copy and paste my post from the other thread.

I’m glad to finally see this official. I think Carrier is worth every penny, title, etc. We have a lot of talent at WR but I don’t think we have fully harnessed it yet.

Our defense was such a sore spot last year that although we noticed all the dropped passes we didn’t see truly how bad it REALLY was. Kind of like how our offense was so bad with Johnson that we didn’t realize how horrible our defense was. We had a lot of huge drops that should change under Carrier. Huge welcome home!!

(Eric) #79

Assistant to the Head coach

(Chris Vaughan) #80

Assistant Head Coach