Case Keenum Official Thread

(Chris) #2409

You beat me to it Cary. Musgrave should have never been hired in this role. Reports mentioned that the Broncos were after Case for a number of years. Did they learn anything from U of H, rams & the Vikings last year? It is not a coincidence that Case & Geoff played poorly under Boras. They both got a new OC & all of a sudden they look like different players? Geoff has the same OC. Case has Musgrave enough said.

(Cary) #2410

Hey… my QB is really good, almost elite at doing this thing. Let’s never do that thing.

We can’t pretend that Case is playing well. He isn’t, but at least put him in situations to succeed.

(Mike Higdon) #2411

Case isn’t playing well, just like in L.A. And, just like in LA, he is not getting protection. You noticed that Goff didn’t win a game after taking over from Case mid-year playing behind that line. But, in the off season, they went out and got a line and some help at WR and, voila, Goff did great the next year.

Last year Shurmur played to Case’s strengths and look how they did. This year they have a coach trying to make Case play to what the coach likes and it’s not going so well.

(RICK LAIRD) #2412

Big game for Case vs Rams tomorrow.

(James Duncan) #2413

Honestly he’s due a good game. I believe he’ll channel some of that steady play he had last year vs the Rams. Just have a feeling he’s gonna shine

(Marcus) #2414

(Ben B) #2415

Case had a 99 rating last game I think. Broncos just sucked.

(Chris) #2416

IMO this offense is not designed for Case to succeed or even be effective. Five games have summed up the offense play calling for me. Has Musgrave learned from these five games? Would he change his play calling to use Case’s best strengths? I am usually optimistic but time is against the Broncos. This offense should have been tailored that way in the off season, OTA’s and training camp. Why would the Broncos sign Case & hire Musgrave? It made & it makes no sense. Case is playing the exact opposite way of what he does best.They could have hired Bevell that used to be with the Seahawks. He would have been much more suited to use Case’s best game. The snow might be a factor but I expect the rams to have their way.

(RICK LAIRD) #2417

Here’s said Denver nuggets

(Cougarpad) #2418

Musgrove so far being unimaginative again. Not sure who is more vanilla, BOB or Musgrove?

(RICK LAIRD) #2419

He gets no help at all. Ever

(Cougarpad) #2420

Case has this and next year to prove himself. So far it looks like the Broncos are going to stack the deck for him to succeed. There is a headset waiting for him back at UH as a QB coach. With his NFL and college experience he would be a great QB coach.

(Thomas Hitchcock) #2421

He’s 5 for 6 right now, the one incompletion being a drop.

(Cougarpad) #2422

Case with the big TD pass!

(RICK LAIRD) #2423


(Cougarpad) #2424

Think it was around 25-30 TD pass


44 yards to Sanders

(Cougarpad) #2427

Refs just took the TD away. The receiver fell at the 1. Plus the receiver had a unsportsmanlike penalty. Ouch.


They called it back.

(RICK LAIRD) #2429

No help