Case Keenum Official Thread

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Wow admittedly I have only glanced at Kirk’s numbers this season but never would’ve thought he’s underperforming in yards vs Case’s last year.

And Denver is 4-6 which is one win less than the Vikings at 5-4. If not for the coaching vs the Texans they’d probably be tied.


That’s pretty impressive and very telling. I wonder if the Vikings ever want Case back? I hope they have a terrible season.

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I try not to think like that but I have watched almost every Vikings game hoping Cousins fails.

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Right. And then he blames the officials saying they should just do their jobs right in the first place. Welllll…that’s why you have coach’s challenges available to you!

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As bad as he is, for some reason I like Joseph. The team plays hard for him. Kubiak needs to help more on replays and decisions sometimes.

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Haha Rick I agree with you Joseph is actually pretty solid guy. Reminds me of the early '90s Oilers coach Jack Pardee in that he’s a very respectful coach that doesn’t resort to berating players to the press or on the sidelines on gamedays.

And after reading about that 2 pt call, evidently Joseph was relying on his staff in the booth who themselves didn’t have a clear look at where Case landed. That factored in in him not wasting his only second-half challenge. He also made a great point in that the refs should always rule in the positive on those scoring plays where it automatically allows for ‘self-correction’ either way.

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Jim Nantz will be calling Keenum’s game Sunday!!!


Is it on TV in Houston?

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The entire final drive is in this five minute clip.
Note there was an absolute bogus offensive PI call that Case and Denver had to overcome.


And there you have it…why would they get rid of Case…???


I am guilty, I have been hoping the same…not good, but I was hoping they would underperform.

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The vikings have a veteran Team especially their offense. The Broncos have 1st grade receivers & now a makeshift OL. Actually I am encouraged by how well this impromptu OL played. This was hugely impressive. The vikings have by all accounts a Steve Jobs type OC while the Broncos have a good old boy retread.


I’m hoping that they stick with this OL. They protected him better and a lot less penalties. Maybe this is the turn of the season for them. If they can get a streak going they could win the wild card.

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Bolles is so bad. He is the reason so many plays have been called back for a hold or false starts.

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It is…Texans play Monday night.



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