Case Keenum Official Thread

(RICK LAIRD) #2851


When did the NFL start using AAC refs?


That’s the first time seeing the two point conversion. Looks like half the ball was across.

(RICK LAIRD) #2854

Had to dig deep for this thread this morning. Jim Nance is calling the game today, national, CBS, 3pm.

(Patrick) #2855

Considering their start to the season — and the middle-of-the-schedule slump — for the Denver Broncos to even be thinking about the playoffs at this point is somewhat ludicrous.

However, here we are. If the Broncos, who beat the white-hot Chargers last week, can find a way to win against the 7-2-1 Pittsburgh Steelers today, Denver will work their way back into the playoff conversation.

A win would give the Broncos a 5-6 record on the season with five games to go, featuring a run of winnable games against the Bengals (5-5), 49ers (2-8), Browns (3-6-1) and Raiders (2-8) before finishing against the Chargers.

(James Duncan) #2856

Nice shot out by Jim Nantz on the 'University of Houston product" to start the game.

Also same run, run, pass on 3rd script that’s ended so many drives early for Denver. Nothing learned there.

(RICK LAIRD) #2857

Horrible call


Penalty in the red zone. Every week…

(RICK LAIRD) #2859

Come on defense

(Cougarpad) #2860

They never let Case throw the ball until their down in the 4th quarter need him to bail them out of the garbage playcalling the rest of the game. Let him throw it and stop being conservative.

(RICK LAIRD) #2861

No pass rush

(Cougarpad) #2862

The Broncos must mistakenly think they have a good defense based on the conservative offense.

(James Duncan) #2863

And Pittsburgh shows you how it’s done on 3rd and 1. Tomlin vs Joseph is a solid mismatch

(RICK LAIRD) #2864

Ha, he fumbled through the end zone

(Cougarpad) #2865

Wow, Broncos just caught a huge break on a complete failure by their defense on that play.

(RICK LAIRD) #2866

It was a great hit though

(RICK LAIRD) #2867

Great play case

(RICK LAIRD) #2868

Catch it!

(James Duncan) #2869

Have you’ll seen a worse offensive interference call? I mean besides the one that nearly prevented last week’s game winning drive.

What an absolute joke

(Cougarpad) #2870

What is that commentator talking about? Denver does not have a great defense. How many winning drives does Case have this year? Apparently, it is not good enough.