Case Keenum Official Thread

(RICK LAIRD) #2871

Big dummy

(sphinx drummond) #2872

I like Romo, I think he is a great analyst.

(Cougarpad) #2873

Well, he is the wrong about Denver having a good defense.

(Cougarpad) #2874

TD pass Case!


I saw the TD on gamecast. I’d be lying if I didn’t expect a review or penalty to negate the play.

(sphinx drummond) #2876

Nice drive. Give Case a little time and he will find the open man.

(Cougarpad) #2877

Broncos defense getting picked apart by midrange

(Cougarpad) #2878

Am I watching the Broncos or the UH secondary? So many open receivers for the Steelers.

(Cougarpad) #2879

The Broncos are just a terribly coached team. That should not happen. A fake FG for a TD to end the half.

(RICK LAIRD) #2880

How can you not be ready for that?

(sphinx drummond) #2881

Pretty well executed fake. It took an Army Ranger to pull it off. Man, I hate the Steelers.

(Cougarpad) #2882

The Bronco defense is garbage. Also, I heard Romo criticize Case in the first half for not completing a similar pass as Rothlisberger right there

(RICK LAIRD) #2883

Never any good returns

(Cougarpad) #2884

The Broncos receivers can’t get any separation. The Steelers receivers are getting so much to. The case has to force so many throws.

(RICK LAIRD) #2885

82 should have grabbed it anyway

(RICK LAIRD) #2886


(Cougarpad) #2887

Again no separation by the receivers. Add that to a vanilla offense coordinator and it a bad offense.

(sphinx drummond) #2888

The Broncos have to score on this drive.

(Cougarpad) #2889

Two nice throws and the TD pass for Case!

(RICK LAIRD) #2890