Case Keenum Official Thread

(Mike Higdon) #2911

They shook up the O line last week and are starting 3 new guys. It looks to be paying off.


Penalty was a killer

(James Duncan) #2913

There’s the Denver play calling we know and love


Really needed that conversion.

(RICK LAIRD) #2915

Good grief


What a game. Can’t wait for the Pittsburgh Dad YouTube video for this one

(Cougarpad) #2917

What a terrible play call by the Steelers. What was that? Broncos are going to win two in a row and Case with good stats to back it up!


Good win. Big game next week against the Bengals.


Best game yet as a Bronco for CK. Under control the whole game.

(Cougarpad) #2920

That loss to the Texans is really hurting the Broncos right now in the standings.

(James Duncan) #2921

Luckily we have Cincy, Cle, SF, and Oak coming up. Combined 13-30 record.

That’s 9-6 with the finale at home vs San Diego

(Katie) #2922

So happy for Case. They have had a lot of close games this year. Only the Jets stand out as truly terrible.

(RICK LAIRD) #2923

What is that?


YouTube channel of a guy who is a big Steelers fan. Pretty funny character.

(RICK LAIRD) #2925

Link me 8 ball


(Chris) #2927

So I waited for highlights.
At half time the CBS crew did not even mention or show any of the Case’s throw. The game was tied at that time. You would have thought the Steelers were the only Team on the field.
I went to the N.F.L. network. after the game.
One replay late after a trillion ben’s highlights.
IMO the Broncos are one of many NFL Teams that have horrible Coaching. I am writing it every week but this is a Team that is TE’s talented. Case is never going to throw his OC or any Coach under the bus but with a bit more of imagination the Broncos could easily have won two to three more games. That is the N.F.L. in a nutshell.
Great win for Case & his OL. This is huge for this offensive squad going forward.

(Patrick) #2928

Case has been playing better ever since Thomas was traded. Have a feeling that isn’t coincidence.

(Chris) #2929

Agree, you can tell that there is an “open” fight for reps during the week. The biggest surprise for me is their OL. The starters got inured and the subs play better, much better:camera_flash:I understand that some Coaches have loyalty but this is intriguing to say the least. The OL setting up the run has been outstanding. maybe musgrave is starting to fully understand what Case does best. It has been two weeks now where Case has plays to extend…the play. I have seen quite a few TE’s. The Broncos are loaded at this postion. I keep & keep repeating myself but I can’t wait for a tripe TE’s play. When there is hope…

(sphinx drummond) #2930

It’s nice when you get a blocked field goal, cause a fumble turnover out of the endzone for a touchback, another fumble recovery, and 2 interceptions. That’s the story of the game. Case played well and capitalized on the turnovers.