Case Keenum Official Thread

(Chris) #2931

His 15/28 is misleading. He played very well & at times musgrave did put in plays for Case to roll out & use his legs. That is a major improvement.


I’m with you. He knows his stuff and explains things with much better insight than most.


That’s just football Sphinx. Sometimes the ball just bounces your way. :slight_smile:


Dear Football Genius,
Losers (like UT after they lose): “If not for that penalty and those two fumbles then we would have won.”
Winners (like UT after they win and the opponent had that “penalty” and two fumbles): “It was nice to come away with a decisive victory.”

NEWS FLASH … There are winners and losers in football games all the time. In most every game the loser can point to what kept them from victory. So shut up and take your medicine without detracting from your opponent’s victory. Win with humility, staying humble and hungry (Rudy T). Got it sphinc***?

Were you crying a river for the Broncos when they handed the Texans a victory because their coach and field goal kicker choked?

Winners make the plays. Losers don’t.

(sphinx drummond) #2935

Right. Win with humility. Lose with grace. Always try harder. Never give up. Give credit where credit is due. Always hate the Steelers.

(James Duncan) #2936

Yes it all evens out at the end. Steelers gave the game away just like Denver did twice before earlier in the season - Case hits Thomas vs KC and coach doesn’t settle for a 55yd FG vs Houston and that’s two more wins.

(Patrick) #2937

Texans helped out the Fighting Keenums last night by knocking off a wildcard contender. Baltimore and Indianapolis are tied for that 2nd wildcard right now, while Miami, Cincy, Denver, and Tennessee sit a game back. Broncos have a favorable schedule the next 4 weeks before finishing with the Chargers.

(RICK LAIRD) #2938

The Ravens have to play the chiefs chargers bucs falcons and browns. That’s not good for them.

(RICK LAIRD) #2939

Colts gotta play the Texans cowboys Giants jags and Titans. Looks good for Denver right now, just gotta keep winning

(James Duncan) #2940

Basically if we win out we control our destiny at 10-6 getting the last WC?

Assuming KC/NE get the byes, we would face either Houston (South winner) or Pittsburgh (North winner) in the first round. I think I’d rather play at Reliant than Three Rivers in January. Fingers crossed.


It took me a couple of passes to realize that “we” meant “Denver”. :smiley:

(Patrick) #2942

Still a chance to catch the Chargers as well. Broncos have the win over them already and San Di…I mean LA has @Pittsburgh, Cincy, @KC, Baltimore, and @Denver. That isn’t an easy schedule


Maybe the Broncos hire Kliff Kingsbury as Case’s personal QB coach and then unleash his offense on the NFL.


I agree…they belong in San Diego. NFL want LA so badly…the Texans was supposed to be LA football team.

(Mike Higdon) #2945

If the chargers lose to Pitt, KC, and Denver, then if Denver wins out will be the divisional champ.

(Russel ) #2946

I think you mean the top wild card? The Cheifs are well ahead in the division race with a 9-2 record and are the top seed in the afc.


Oh, man… if the broncos win out…

(Russel ) #2948

Next week is huge in getting back to 500! The bengals defense is absolute trash and hopefully Case has a field day! On top of that they will be facing Driskell not Dalton.

(James Duncan) #2949

Wondering how WJIII is doing with Cincy… don’t want him to have a bad game but still it’s Case so hopefully he’ll give up a lone TD for his alma mater.

The cool part about Denver winning out or getting a WC is that Case will again be unquestioned starter for 2019. And at that point he’ll be even more comfortable, which should lead to an even more promising season stat wise in time for his next contract.

(Ben B) #2950

Winning out is unlikely, but I’m rooting for it.