Case Keenum Official Thread

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WJIII has struggled at times this year after they changed up their defensive alignment and went to more of a zone defense. That DC has been let go and Marvin Lewis is back in charge of the defense. He’s gone back to more of a man-to-man style which should help WJIII (Jackson was very happy about the change on social media). Of course, Cincy’s defense was lit up by Cleveland last week so not sure it’s working out so far (WJIII had a decent game though).


Agree. Furthermore, Denver will not be drafting a quarterback which means they can use their draft picks to sure up the offensive line and areas on defense. Which means it will set them up for a deeper playoff run next year and then Case will get a long-term extension. :wink:

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From your keyboard to the fate’s ears! I would badly love to be a Denver fan long-term. It’s such a great franchise historically (fellow inaugural AFL team like our Oilers) and when they’ve been winning this year it’s been a blast to follow the coverage on-line.


Totally agree! You never want anybody to ever get injured, but I think the injuries to the offensive line that has led to this current offensive line has been a blessing in disguise. Since the adjustment of the line, they have been running the ball better, Case is not getting sacked, he’s getting more time to make passes, and the team is starting to gel.

I think we’re going to see the magic that he created last year with Minnesota. He started off a little rough but then the team started to gel and they went on that fantastic win streak. This is the time of year where you see that struggling team start to gel, get hot, and make a great run in the playoffs. This could be what happens for the Broncos.


That would be so neat! Screw the Vikings!!!


Well said! I have been rooting for every team that plays against the Vikings.

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Even in 2013 I thought Case and the Texans were on the the way to turning it around and doing something special…and then Kubiak took a knee on the sideline at half-time during the Colts Monday night game at Reliant and the downward spiral took on unstoppable momentum.


I was at that game. People were chanting Keenum in the bathroom at halftime.

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The team could just be finally gelling. If they finish 10-6 and make the playoffs it’s gravy!

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Funny how as soon as D. Thomas leaves hes winning games… must be nice to have someone actually catch a pass.

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This is super cool photo posted on the Broncos reddit page


“Hey, I’m just as tall as those other guys”.


I’m not saying it’s aliens but… it’s aliens!!

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Man, I love those uniforms.

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Can someone post a link to the Broncos game?

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Check here:

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So far the Bronco offense started the game and was driving but stalled. Two incomplete passes ended the drive. Case was on the run and tried to make a throw that was batted down, and I couldn’t tell if the other pass to the sideline was dropped or a bad pass.