Case Keenum Official Thread

(Cougarpad) #2971

There are some terrible shadows in Cincinnati’s stadium. I could not tell if that last throw from Case was a bad one or dropped.

(sphinx drummond) #2972

Thanks, got it on here:


I could only find the Bengals broadcast on Sirius. Turned it off after they were badmouthing Case.

(sphinx drummond) #2974

Terrible shadows in Cincinnati too.

(Cougarpad) #2975

Fixed, I have two games on.

(Cougarpad) #2976

The Qbs in the game are probably having issues seeing to pass the ball with the big shadows.

(Class of 1981) #2977

Play will improve, I’m finally watching…

(Class of 1981) #2978

NP, Case has his eyes covered but can still breathe through them.

(Class of 1981) #2979

Test at halftime, heh.

(RICK LAIRD) #2980


(Cougarpad) #2981

Whole stadium new the Broncos would run the ball on 3rd and 1, but why was Freeman not on the field if want to run up the middle?

(Class of 1981) #2982

Shoulda traded for theilen

(Class of 1981) #2983

atta boy!

(James Duncan) #2984

There ya go Case great scramble pass

(Cougarpad) #2985

Case with the Houdini trick for a first down!

(Class of 1981) #2986

way to spread it!

(Class of 1981) #2987

Establish the run first… just like they expect. Talking heads!

(Cougarpad) #2988

Case does not the best accuracy today.

(Class of 1981) #2989

neither does McManus

(James Duncan) #2990

Same ole Broncos