Case Keenum Official Thread

(Class of 1981) #3011

Dang, playing well even though I’m not watching! Will have to watch that drive someplace else. How’d we get the ball before the TD?

(Katie) #3012

Muffed punt

(Class of 1981) #3013


And now, an INT sponsored by pressure!

(Class of 1981) #3014

And Lindsey!

(Cougarpad) #3015

TD for Lindsey! Lindsey is one heck of a running back! Denver is the team of overlooked players. NFL scouts missed on Case and Lindsey.

(RICK LAIRD) #3017

Denver gonna make some noise.

(James Duncan) #3018

Lindsay is a really great story. Lots of parallels to Case’s road to the pros

(Cougarpad) #3019

Broncos are going to have to keep scoring. That was too easy of a drive for Cincy.


Case with a 10 yard run. And that’s another Cougar first…sorry.


Ugh Freeman with the fumble. It seems like he has a lot of them this year.

(Cougarpad) #3022

Broncos had a nice drive going but Freeman fumbled the ball.

(Class of 1981) #3023



(RICK LAIRD) #3025

Another victory


Good streak of 0 interception games going.

(Patrick) #3027

Gonna be 9-6 going into the last week.

(RICK LAIRD) #3028

won just as many games as Cousins

(Class of 1981) #3029

OK, the “breathing through the eyes” is a literary allusion to Bull Durham (1988)
but should have referenced breathing through the eyelids. I must be gettin’ old…


That is all that matters…go Denver/Houston Broncos…

(Mike Higdon) #3031

Case is doing what he needs to do and has the team on a roll. I sure hope he leads them to 10-6 and a wild card spot, but even 10-6 may not be enough.

I am also enjoying the Viking skid. Cousins is doing the same thing he did in Washington – putting up a lot of numbers, but not a lot of wins. If only the Vikings had a QB that could get them to the NFC championship game – oh wait they had that guy and cut him loose.