Case Keenum Official Thread


The Vikings elaborate TD celebrations were cuter last year when they were on a roll.

(Ben B) #3033

Getting rid of a QB who led your organization to double digit wins and a conference championship game and put up great efficiency stats doing it has to be one of the dumbest things I have ever seen an organization do. They have six more wins than they deserve.

(J V ) #3034

KK should be hired by the Broncos. I bet he can work well with Case.

(Ben B) #3035

If the Broncos were creative at all w their offense they would be killing it.

(Class of 1981) #3036

Well said in that I believe it is greatly because of Case’s leadership and example. I think he has a talent for motivating and developing teamwork, confidence, and pride.

I wonder if the Vikes might want to release some others like Theilen, Diggs, and some line meat.

(Class of 1981) #3037

I begin to think Elway and Case talk at the highest levels almost as peers. Elway seems to trust and respect Case. Collusion is a good thing!


Like when Saban benched Jalen Hurts in favor of a freshman QB in the NC game???


You compare Mike Zimmer to Nick Saban.


I compare footballl coaches!!

(Patrick) #3041

There have been rumblings in Minnesota about the decision to dump Case and go with Cousins. The natives are starting to get restless there.



(Chris) #3043

The tv commentators noted that there is still a lot to do with the Denver passing game. This was not necessarily a ding at Case but a “disguised” one at Musgrave. Keep in mind that the Broncos have a lot of rookies, first year offensive or inexperienced players. I will add that the “new” OL is improving. This is hugely important after 12 games.

(Patrick) #3044

(RICK LAIRD) #3045

I read/ post on this forum. Look what they came up with today.

(James Duncan) #3046

gross. It’s a small sample size at least, but stuff like that makes the Vikings fan support seem amazing in comparison last year.

Good thing it only matters what Elway thinks.


Dumb fans…
They know nothing about football…


Completely agree. Obviously they weren’t watching when VJ gave up they game to the Texans when Case led them down the field with plenty of time to spare.


(Patrick) #3050

I mean, it’s funny that the poster is saying that they are much more talented and should be doing better when they finished 5-11 last year. Hmm…what was the most significant change on your team since last season?

(James Duncan) #3051

Boy I have to say that board is cancer to read… I honestly couldn’t stomach much of it for too long. Definitely will stick to Reddit to get my Broncos fix.

But to sum up, their fans openly acknowledge the following:

  • Den O-Line is in tatters with injuries to three starters
  • Down to their 3rd string TE after first two are out for the year
  • Apart from ESanders, only have raw, inexperienced rookie WRs - Sutton, Hamilton, Cracroft
  • Off. Coordinator is unimaginative, weak in evaluating his personnel’s strengths and doesn’t see how special of a rookie tailback they have
  • Their head coach has no place being a head coach

And despite all of the above, it is Case Keenum who is the definitive reason that they have underachieved and they’re just playing .500 ball, and that they’d be the Rams or Chiefs offense with a hypothetical ‘better’ QB. Yeah uh huh, that’s the ticket.

And they’ve surely seen what the other FA QBs have done this season. They weren’t willing to pay Kirk so he’s not in the convo, but imagine had they signed Bradford (eventually cut), McCarron (traded), or Teddy B (traded), or chose to draft Rosen or Allen.

A lot of myopia over there.