Case Keenum Official Thread


Those people are typical denver fans who think the team every year is a super bowl team.

(Mike Higdon) #3053

Kind of like UH fans and alumni who blame CMA for not being undefeated despite our injury situation.

(John Simpson) #3054

I assume you get a lot of pushback when you post on this board?

(RICK LAIRD) #3055

Oh yeah, I’ve been called everything but the child of God.

(RICK LAIRD) #3056

Thanks, whoever went on there.

(sphinx drummond) #3057

I hate boards like that as much for the content as for the layout.

(brian D GALLAGHER) #3058

Keenum is so screwed…With the trade of WR Thomas to the Texans and now it looks like Emanuel Sanders is done for the year, Keenum’s weapons are down to a rookie Rb and a rookie WR…

(James Duncan) #3059

Yeah but somehow Case’s vibes have contributed to season ending injuries to all the starting WR, TEs as well as caused Thomas to lose confidence and get traded.

– Broncos internet fan, probably


Sounds just like when Case caused the Texans top 3 RB’s, 2 TEs and top WR to all get injured.

–Texans fan, definitely


No not alike. We also had D coordinator who cost us games with proper personnel. We easily could have lost more which would have cost Applewhite his job…Tulsa was a close call…

(RICK LAIRD) #3062

If he can get that team to the playoffs it will be a great season.

(Cougarpad) #3063

It is going to be a real challenge for Case today. Sanders is out and there is nothing but inexperienced receivers. The running game needs to step up big! Because Case has no weapons.

(sphinx drummond) #3064

Freeman needs to step up but I afraid he might not be able too. Lindsay can’t do it alone.

(Cougarpad) #3065

49ers are winning 3-0. And so far the Broncos receivers have not shown any ability to get open. Case in like 2-7 or something and has had to throw to unopen receivers. The Bronco defense is also missing many starters, so the offense has to score.

(Cougarpad) #3066

Case has had success this year throwing to the TEs. The Broncos need to call plays to get the TEs open.

(sphinx drummond) #3067

The only good news is, they are playing the 49ers.

(sphinx drummond) #3068

Chubb is good.

(Cougarpad) #3069

A red zone sack leaves San Francisco with a field goal. 6-0 Niners. If the offense can somehow move the ball they can get back in this thing. Going to need to have good games by Bronco running backs.

(Cougarpad) #3070

Rookie Bronco receiver just dropped a pass that was Intercepted by San Francisco. Under review and looks like an INT. I hate that plays like that go against Case when the receiver should have caught the ball. Case could be in trouble if nobody is going to get open and passes dropped.

(Cougarpad) #3071

Wow on review not an Int. Case dodged a bullet there. But now he gets sacked. Was trying to run away from the rush but could not get away. No receivers open again which lead to a sack.