Case Keenum Official Thread

(Chris) #3092

The play calling was as bad as I have seen in the many years that I have watched the NFL. This game alone illustrated how badly this Denver is Coached. There were plenty of times to kick at least two field goals. Yes that equates to six points. Yes Denver lost by six points.
You can’t run the ball? You gotta have a plan B or C. Denver Coaches had neither in the first half.
You have a 6’-6" TE and you target him once the entire game? I am a broken record but this is happening every single game. The 49ers are not going anywhere but the Broncos made them look like a good Team. There are not bad players in the NFL but you sure have a ton of bad to terrible Play calling Coaches. The lack of imagination from the Denver Offensive Coaching staff is hampering this Team at a level that I have rarely seen. The broncos have key pieces. A QB, a good to decent OL, good D &…a good special Team. As badly Coached as they were the Broncos are only one game from being in the WC. That should tell you everything about this Coaching staff. Do not be shocked if the Broncos win the AFC next year with a new Coaching staff. They are very talented but there is no one at the helm.

(Tom Green) #3093

Amazing the excuses lined up for Keenum.
Keenum= avg at best NFL QB.
My shield is on— bring it. :grin::grin:

(gpropes) #3094

No argument here. At some point, you have to acknowledge reality. Case caught lightning in a bottle last year and turned it into $25 million guaranteed. From Howard the Keenum to financial security for life, what an amazing story.

(G.W.) #3095

Most QBs ARE average.
But put a good coach and a good OLine in front of them and they become stars.
Foles, in his first stint at Philly had something like 28:7 TD:INT ration.
He goes out in free agency, gets picked up by a very mediocre team and is terrible. Did he forget how to play football?
Then he takes over for Wendtz in his second stint, goes undefeated and wins the SB…magically he is great again…then gets benched.
Foles can play.
Keenum, same thing. Good OLine, good play calling and he looks great. Goes to a crappy O and looks very middling.
I know, crazy how good TEAMS end up with great QBs.

(Chris) #3096

Go ahead. Let me ask you.Did you watch the game? I did.
Musgrave has many rookies & first year receivers. That is his job to develop them. That is his job to design routes that can be effective. Sanders went down. The other WR have to step up. Most of the game none of the WR’s were open. The TV annoncers kept mentioning it.What is Case supposed to do? He scrambled (see stats below) Should he throw ints? This was against the 49ers. They were 2-10 before this game.
The stats tell the story:
24/42 - 4.4 Avr. Lofton made a bulls eye point. At some point late in the game the longest pass was for 16, yes 16 yards. Case late in the game was the leading RUNNING BACK…
Lindsay had 14 carries for 30 yards.
49ers Kittle broke the all time TE for receiving yards in a half. Was the Denver defense locked up at Alcatraz?
This is what happens when you put in an OC that has no business Coaching at this level. He has been let go every stops he has been at. I am sure Mr. Musgrave is a very nice gentleman but it is crystal clear he is not able to call a 2018 offense.
I’ll ask you again. Did you see the game?


All I know is so happy for CK7 to have hit the NFL Payday. He’s set financially in way most can only dream of. He will make a GREAT HC @ UH when that time comes


Being an average NFL QB is a hell of an accomplishment! “You’re only the 16th best person in the world at what you do!”

(RICK LAIRD) #3099

I watched it and you’re spot on. The right side of that line was horrible.


Did Michael Vick talk about gettting a puppy fir Christmas?


I actually read he has a breeders license for Cane Corso.


Blaming Keenum for the Broncos record is like saying the Texans should have won with him. He has proven he’s better than average while on below average teams.
There is a reason why Keenum was rated by NFL players as one of the top 50 in the league.


Currently living in Colorado and glad Case is a Bronco. Tough place to play if you’re last name isn’t Elway. The natives are very restless at the moment and looking for someone to blame. At the moment Case and Vance Joseph are the targets.

(Chris) #3104

Thank you for posting.
The undisciplined bunch you might call them. You could also call them “The NFL Team without a Coach” Mind you this is a valid question. When you watch their game every single week. This is impossible to comprehend.
They are the targets and rightfully so. They are the faces of the franchise. That is what every single fan think of their own Team. When you start diving into the actual stats they are mind boggling.
A core of rookies to first years WR, TE, an inexperienced OL, an OC that has been let go every spots he has been at.
An OC that keeps calling plays without using his QB or players best strengths/abilities.
When you watch Musgrave calling plays you know what comes to mind? The Grinch that stole Christmas. I hate to say it but he looks like the grinch.
A QB that went from one of the top QBR rated QB to one of the lowest. This is not a coincidence, I believe in miracles. The ones that our almighty creates not the ones from the NFL. Even though the Minneapolis catch was out this galaxy.
Two defensive players that keep sacking players & keep getting called for offside.
A bunch of TE’s that might as well go to their local tavern and watch some real football.
John Elway defies logic every single week by not firing his Coach.
Need I say more.
Yes I am a Case Keenum fan but as erratic as the Broncos have played they still managed six wins so far. Imo, this is just my opinion I do believe that the Broncos have real talent at key positions. This is more than quite a few NFL Teams.
John Elway made a critical mistake. When you have a young Team you need a veteran Coach with an innovative OC. They feed each other. He did the opposite. Now the Broncos have nothing to lose. They are not going to get a #1 pick. This is the time when you open the playbook both on offense and defense. Let it rip.

(Ben) #3105

Interesting that Vikings spent millions and have a record just barely better than the Broncos, who have horrible coaching . . . . .

(Mark Carter) #3106

I thought Case was going to a Bronco team with a good defense , they’ve been good for only about two games … Case gets the ball back vs 49ers , he has game winning drive …


MNF crew saying Zimmer told them he got Cousins because he was the missing link on the team last year. Keenum wasn’t consistent enough. I wonder if Cousins or Zimmer is getting the most heat after tonight.

(Cary) #3108

The Broncos fans to me are hilarious, especially at OrangeMane. Their reasoning for the team’s poor play essentially boils down to Case Keenum forgot how to play football in his move from Minnesota to Denver. He went from being one of the most accurate long ball passers last year to not being accurate anywhere on the field. He went from reading the field and releasing the ball on PAP and rollouts to holding the ball too long. Yeah… don’t buy it.

(RICK LAIRD) #3109

Ive been on there since the summer, its unreal.

(Chris) #3110

Case Keenum against the Seahawks is…3 and 0
Look it up Case Keenum haters. It is black and white. Yes friends Coaching is an important part of the game. Would not you say it is? Way too many football fans think this is as easy as a Madden game. It aint friends.
What makes Case effective is his way to pass either on the run or making plays when the defense is blitzing him.
Would not you think that musgrave would try to emulate what Shurmur did with Case last year?
I am telling you all. The N.F.L is littered with bad Coaches. I can’t remember a season when Coaching and front office decisions has been so bad.

(RICK LAIRD) #3111

can i copy this and put it on there?