Case Keenum Official Thread

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The Broncos are thrash. You cannot let a defender come through right up the middle to hit the QB to end the game.

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what a damn shame

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Also, why would the OC call design pass behind the first down marker when you need a first down? It was 3 and short and he forced a 4th down play.

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And first Denver loss to Cleveland since 1990. Just lovely


Leading rusher for Denver averaged 1.7 yards/carry.

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I did not see the game. I was at my company’s Christmas party and won a 65" Samsung TV. I only caught the last minute of the game at the bar’s tv.
From reading different websites they are blaming Case, VJ & want them out of town tonight. The stat that is glaring is the running game. It has been two games now that they can’t run. This is against two Teams that were way below .500. The reality is that the Broncos do not have a capable WR corps that can handle decent defenses. They are wet behind the ears. Case is frustrated and mistakes happen. You combine it with an awful OC, an inept HC & you have a recipe for disaster.
Friends the QB gets the blame & the glory. The positive in all of this is that Case is a competitor. He has two games to save his Broncos job. This is as simple as that.


Congrats to you and your family for the huge win!!!

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Thank you Derrick.


I don’t think that is the actual facts of the Broncos. Elway knows that the O line and receiving corp is all first year people. Heck the tight ends were fighting for jobs on the practice squad at the beginning of the year. The fact that they stay close is games is because of Case. Joseph likes to play low scoring games. This whole offense goes against the trends of the league. Even Warner who has ripped Case in the pass was cutting him slack with all the dropped passes and newbies on the field. What is amazing is that the booth called the last blitz and the OC completely blew it with the play call that he had Case do.

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I agree with your assessment but I hope you’re right about Elway. He hired Musgrave to run the offense and it’s not like he was an unknown commodity. Hopefully Elway is seeing what the rest of us are seeing.


Case can’t do it by himself. Once again he has a crap team surrounding him in the pros.


What will piss me off to high heaven is if he is let go and then they decide to revamp the offensive line etc. and the team does very well next year and they blame it all on Case just like how they did in Los Angeles. They finally got a new head coach/offensive coordinators/offensive line/etc. and say that their success is because they got rid of Case and got a real QB.

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That is the common denominator with the N.F.L. You have a ton of Coaches/Executives that have no business making decision at this level. The other common denominator is that you have Coaches that want to impose their will. So instead of utilizing their players best strengths they waste these same players. More often than not defenses outsmart offenses. Having a Coach stuck in an 80s/90’s offense/defense is a major issue.
For all of the naysayers Case’s past season is not a fluke. A game might have been but an entire season? You need a ton of luck to succeed in the N.F.L.Let’s all hope that Case will be given a better “cast” to utilize his full potential.


VERY well said!!

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Seriously why would you give the starting QB title to anyone without surrounding him with the best possible way(s) to succeed?
Money does not mean anything in the N.F.L.
Personal success does not mean anything in the N.F.L.
Let’s take Case out of this. Now let’s ask John Elway the following questions:
Is Musgrave the best you could come up with?
Did the Broncos brass analyzed why Case/Goff were so unproductive with the Rams & so much more with the newly Coached Rams & Vikings?
Is player/Coaching staff evaluation that bad in Denver?
These are fair questions. The Broncos are 6-8. They are not 3-13. There is a huge difference there.

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As Koh points out, when there are three receivers on the field, depending on the running back behind Case Keenum, the defense can guess what will happen next with a high rate of success.

Nearly three-quarters of the time, the Broncos will pass the ball with Freeman in the backfield and three receivers outside. But, much closer to half the time, Denver will run the ball if rookie sensation Phillip Lindsay is in the backfield with three wideouts deployed.

NFL Coogs - Week 15, 2018

Thank the good Lord that someone in the media has finally said what we have said all year. Hopefully this gets to Elway and he makes a move and this media hit takes the blame off Case.

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I know he will pick himself up but he looked crushed in the presser after the game.

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I would think Elway knows at least as much as the average fan on this board. Case will be back next year and how he does next year will determine how much longer he stays or if he stays. How he does will depend greatly on how the Elway does in the draft and in trading. He knows he has a poor OL and needs some help in the receiving corp and on defense in general.