Case Keenum Official Thread

(Cristian) #3212

Elway was a good QB if he can’t see what this offense and OL is doing for Case then Case has no Case in his favor.


I would think that too but the history of how Case has been treated makes me weary. I agree though, it should be a no brainer that he gets another year with the poor offensive line and the loss of all the wide receivers around him. I just hope they make the necessary adjustments so he can prove himself next year and earn a long-term contract.

(Patrick) #3214

Biggest positive for Case sticking in Denver for another year will be the cap hit the Broncos take if they let him go. He’ll count as $10M against their cap if they release him ($21M if they keep him).

Can Denver find a replacement that will help them more than Case for less money? Doubtful, and they don’t really have a QB in the wings that they have ready to take over. My guess is they draft a QB in the 1st or 2nd round and then let Case play another year.


Hell of a competitor. How can you not want to play the game with Case.

(John m Bevil) #3216

The Broncos are simply not very good. The outstanding defense is just average, the good offensive line is below average, they have no veteran WR’s. Lindsey is the only bright spot.

(Chris) #3217

I do feel that the Broncos have way more talent than what the media thinks. This is a Coaching issue.
The stat that is glaring is the fact that a so called make shift OL played well to very well for two games. The same can be said with the running game. Then all of sudden the amazing 49ers & the ferocious Browns annihilate them two games in a row. I do understand of the NFL’s parity but another stat that does not lie is the offense play calling. No one can be productive in this environment.


Completely agree. Hopefully the right changes can be made and they can make the playoffs next year.


How can the Broncos have a coaching problem? Elway is the GM and he knows as much about football as anyone. Beyond the Xs and Os, however, there are intangibles that are sometimes
hard to measure like: Does this coach have a sense of how that player is motivated? Does he
have a measure of how that play will influence the opposing defense and set up the next play or series of downs? Sometimes Briles will call a run up the middle when it looks like a complete mistake and in the next series they throw a long bomb in the same situation. The Patriots, Saints and Chargers seem to have the best play callers right now.

(RICK LAIRD) #3220

It sure is bothering me way more than it should. I hate when bad things happen to good people that deserve better.

(sphinx drummond) #3221

Multiple sources claiming Vance Joseph will be fired.

(brian D GALLAGHER) #3222


Hopefully it all works out for Case. Definitely an upgrade at HC if it happens but you have to worry about him wanting Case as his QB.


Not worried, Elway wanted Case…I think Case will be fine.

(Ben B) #3225

They need a creative Offense. Would Harbaugj bring that?

(norb) #3226

Why fire the coach? The Broncos are bowl eligible aren’t they?

(Chris) #3227

Haurbaugh is staying with the Ravens. They are working on an extension.

(Brian C) #3228

Are Brian Johnson and Travis Bush the Co-OCs for Denver? This is so predictable.


Gotta catch that

(Cary) #3230

Joseph is going to get fired, and Keenum will most likely start next year and have a chance to prove himself. Good luck to him.

(Cary) #3232

Bad int by Case there. Not a good decision to float that over the middle.