Case Keenum Official Thread

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At some point I think he decided to go for whatever he could make work. Desperation… sometimes a receiver will outdo himself and make a play, a defender slips and falls, God steps in and something happens…

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When it is 4th and 14 on your own 5, and you are going for it, it’s beyond desperate.

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They pulled Broncos from Dish CH11 CBS Houston… alternatives?

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nevermind, found a feed. Lemme know if you need same


I am always annoyed with Denver’s receivers, as they always seem to not make a play. Last year was the opposite.

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With a weak O’Line and quick passes Receiver and QB gotta both play offense and defense… sorta… if you know what I mean


2 runs for 4 yards and then he scrambles and no receiver is open (hard to see since they never show you the receivers).

It is like the receivers don’t get open or he is missing them? Hard to see.


If Vikings don’t make the playoffs, how does that make the Cousin’s acquisition look? :tongue:

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Play calling predictable as was UH this year many times. Predictable 3rd down pass, blitz, pressure guaranteed,


Now two picks by a HOF QB having a great season.

Good run by CK, i wish he would do that more!

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It was there…


like i said, right through his hands, my gosh!! But of course, they will blame Case.


And a holding call again, to help Case! gosh…Whoops…AND another holding call…sighhhh

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oline hoping officials get tired of holding calls


And of course his receiver/back can’t catch and fumbles the ball. so tough…

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Fitz reminds me of Patrick Edwards

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Anybody read the official’s lips talking to Case?

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comedy of errors, youth


Case needs to run or scramble there. He is too patient in the pocket sometimes. But hard to score when your receivers drop 5 or 6 passes in a half and 5 holding calls.

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All three goal line plays were awful