Case Keenum Official Thread


They don’t call plays were they roll him out. That’s where he’s deadly. Just not using him, especially with the hot garbage OL.


And when they did, the receiver drops a TD pass.

Case is in an impossible position here as all but one or two players on his offense were starting at the beginning of the year with multiple rookies.

I just pray the next coach there will be a KC type of offensive coach. Case would shine then


They are not tired of calling holding yet! Case is pretty on target today too.

Well, another receiver making a play…just the kind that doesn’t help Case or the team.

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lost my stream

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play calls suk

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ok that one was good…

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receivers need strength and grip training

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Case had to throw the ball up for Sutton instead of a bullet. As is pick six two point conversion


i think Case expected Sutton to box out his defender, not allow the defender to jump in front.

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Haha okay I’ll buy that. Glass half full


Doesn’t really matter as I always expect his receivers to suck anyways!


Two really good catches by the chargers, gosh would be nice if the Broncos ever got that kind of catches.


The only redeeming factor is the Vikings probably don’t make the playoffs (down by 14 with about 5 minutes left) and cousins and his receivers are yelling at each other on the sidelines.

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Actually sucks for Vikings fans. Not their fault Zimmer didn’t go with Case. I like their fans better than the Denver haters lol


It does suck for the fans, but I get greater pleasure in seeing Zimmer suck eggs for his lack of confidence in CK.

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That’s what the talking heads were saying was his strong suit


Every team Case has been on has been better with him than without. The win/loss stats are quite remarkable.


Seems like Case got tired at the end and his passes started to sail on him, but overall, I think he played decent. But no way to overcome the penalties, dropped passes and turnovers.

I just hope the next coach understands how to run a upbeat offense and use the money they are saving by not paying a QB 30 mil a year to bring in some more play makers.

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I think more likely than not Case is fighting for his spot in training camp. Especially as the new coach will have input on bringing in other QBs. It’s a good thing. Keenum thrives under competition and I expect him to win the job


Crazy to think we now have two UH QB’s starting in the NFL. Is there another college that has that currently this week?