Case Keenum Official Thread


Goff and Rodgers from Cal.

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Kyle counts?


I think he counts the same way I don’t count House with the Rockets.


Any other schools, or is UH now QB U! :smile:



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I hope so too, but with Elway and Kubes running the show I’m skeptical. I would love to be wrong.


2009 game in Stillwater! Case and Dez (dropped pass turned into pick 6) won us the game.


A great win for us. I sat next to Bryce Beals dad in the corner of the end zone and had a great seat for most of the Coog scores.

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More Dez:


The Rams went from 4-12 with Case to 11-5. In no way is that all on Case. McVay is a great coach and Case had to suffer under Fisher.

The Broncos had 5 wins last year without Case and 6 wins this year with him. Elway leaves a lot to be desired as a football mind. They’ve missed badly on the QB picks in the draft.

Case is a very adequate NFL QB but he’s not a QB I’d want throwing it 35 times a game consistently in the NFL. He’s a good game manager.

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Well I would be fine throwing it 35 times if there was somebody with a horse on his head down field that had a credible reputation for catching the ball. Right now that body doesn’t exist.

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This is actually a very apt point. The DBs in the league are so elite that they’d easily outsmart the rookie wideouts Case had the second half of the year. In that sense no wonder he had to check down often or he’d be risking picks

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Quite often there was not time for patterns to run and he had to get rid of the ball. It is not a total picture but part of it. Seemed to me Denver did poorly until Case was able to run around and they did something other than run the first 2 downs.

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Great point. Here we have both UH and Denver looking for HCs concurrently. Here’s hoping the latter gets a Holgerson type offensive guru who facilitates, not hinders, the out-of-pocket playmaking.

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No, the Rams went 4-3 with Case and 0-9 with Goff in 2016. The next year, after getting a healthy Gurley back, adding a lot of OL and WR help and with Wade’s defense they went 11-5. Let’s try to keep the comparisons in context.

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Add to what Red80 said the fact that a heck of a lot of Minnesota fans have been lamenting the loss of Case.

If you can keep him upright and acquire a few guys that can hold onto the ball, he’s a plus QB.

Once they traded D. Thomas to the Texans, it seemed to me that they were throwing in the towel. I could be wrong, but it’s not like they had a surplus of receivers.

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I’ll bet the owner laments that as well – especially every time they write those big checks.

Dez was right about how Case can rally the troops.

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Funny thing was at Minnesota they had a historic scrambler in Fran Tarkington.