Case Keenum Official Thread

(RICK LAIRD) #3293

Minnesota crapped in their mess kit.

(Chris) #3294
This is better than the opposite.

(Chris) #3295

Keep an eye on this one.


First two sound good for Case but then kind of down hill from there.

(Patrick) #3297

Man…hoping they go out of the box and go after Kliff and I’d hope Kliff would go for it. May not work out for Denver, but would be great for Case.


They were 4-5 not 4-3 with Case that year.

(John Simpson) #3299

Off of that list my 1 and 2 would be Kliff and Zac Taylor. Don’t want to to hire a defensive coach that will hire a retread, old school, Offensive Coordinator. That’s what Denver’s done the last couple of years.

(Mike Higdon) #3300

OK, my bad; but they were still 0-7 with Goff and the rest of post is correct.

(G.W.) #3301

I thought they were 4-3, then they started mixing in Goff.
Regardless, Fisher was horrible…like Musgraves opting for. 52 yard FG instead of running a few more plays to get closer for the kicker. Then kicker missed the game winner against Texans.
OC for Denver is just like Fisher. Makes it hard to be anything other than a game manager.
Give him a creative OC and watch him go.

(Chris) #3302

Shurmur proved it beyond any doubts.
A game is an anomaly.
A season it is not an anomaly.

texans texans Rams Rams Vikings Broncos
2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
w/ keenum 0-8 2-0 3-2 4-5 11-3 6-10
% 0.000 1.000 0.600 0.444 0.786 0.375
w/o keenum 2-6 7-7 4-7 0-7 3-1
% 0.250 0.500 0.364 0.000 0.750
+/- -0.250 0.500 0.236 0.444 0.036

(Mike Higdon) #3304

I will throw out the 0-8 season as taking over a team with a 6 game skid, no RB, one WR, no OL, and a sorry defense coming off the practice squad cold. In 2014, 15, 16, and 17 he was 20-10. This season with a clueless coach and OC, poor OL, poor WR’s and weak defense he was 6-10. So, again discounting the 2013 season, he is 26-20 overall, with 4 of 5 of those seasons being on sorry teams with sorry coaches. I’d say he has done really well under the circumstances.

(G.W.) #3305

I guess Nick Foles faces the same thing. Second year in a row Wendtz goes down, the team is struggling and Foles takes them to the playoffs without losing. He won a SB and talking heads are still marginalizing him.

Good teams have good lines, good lines make good to great QBs.

Mediocre teams have mediocre lines and if you throw in unimaginative play calling it makes everyone look terrible (Denver)

(Chris) #3306

The Broncos are blocking Teams from talking to Kubiak. That clearly indicates that Kubiak has been cleared from returning to full time Coaching. That could also signal that they will hire a DC as HC and have Kubiak run the offense. Ex Oilers great Mike Munchak is high on the list.
Will Kubiak be good for Case? You would hope so. That is if Kubiak has learned from the past and from Shurmur. That is a lot of could and ifs…

(brian D GALLAGHER) #3307

“There is no market for Case keenum” That’s B.S…

(brian D GALLAGHER) #3308

(Russel ) #3309

If Kubiak could make guys like Osweiller and Schaub look like viable quarterbacks, I have no doubt youll see a much improved Keenum next season

(RICK LAIRD) #3310

Kubes did good with Case considering the horrible cast around him.


You are correct. A lot of people look at his 0-8 record but they don’t look at the scores in the games that he played in. He was extremely competitive and all those games besides one, which was Indianapolis at Indy at the end of the year. In fact, the Texans got the closest ever to beating the Patriots when Case played. Note: Schaub played the last two games.

(Chris) #3312

Elway/Kubiak hired Musgrave. Let’s all hope that Kubiak replicates an offense like Shurmur’s to take advantage of Case’s best traits. Kubiak had a first hand look of what the Chiefs run as an offense. Will he be able to be “open” enough to evolve his offense that way? That’s the biggest question for me.
The Broncos have many holes to fill to protect and give weapons for Case to succeed. This is a huge off season for them. Case was “deadly” against the blitz or when he was being rushed with the Vikings. To be deadly you need to design an offense so he can pass the ball quickly. That was not the case with Musgrave.