Case Keenum Official Thread

(Ben B) #3313

I doubt it. Kubiak was a good coach, but my one complaint was he wasn’t aggressive enough and I think Case does well under aggressive OCs. Though that is more of a feel than an actual play breakdown and actual analysis.
Then again he did put up points under Kubes when they were w Texans.

(Chris) #3314

That is the big if. Will Kubiak “update” his offense & take notes from Shurmur’s or Andy Reid’s?

(Trent) #3315

Kubiak runs the same West Coast offense that Elway ran (since they were players together), and that the Broncos continued to run with Vance Joseph. It’ll probably continue. They say they need a solution at QB but they need a solution on the O line. That 2-14 year with the Texans was because they took all the money from free agent O-linemen and gave it to Schaub so they took off, and opposing defenses were free to drop an extra defender in coverage - they get the same pressure on the QB and take away routes or take easy interceptions. The Broncos have done similarly, throwing money after a string of QB’s without addressing the O-line, and are still flailing on offense. WCO works just fine with a good O-line, but so does any offense.

(Chris) #3316

That’s the problem Trent. It is more than an OL problem. Defenses catch up to different offenses. They caught up with the so called 90’s spread offense. McCoy was the latest “victim” in Phoenix. Musgrave grossly failed with the Broncos. As an OC or DC you have to adapt & design new formations. Sean Payton is a master at it. It is a constant cat and mouse game. The stats do not lie. Very quickly Case & Mahomes were/are effective when they at times “roll out” of the pocket. You have to design plays to make it happen. You have to design plays to “welcome” the blitz. You can “spread” the field with a QB or RB. That’s what make it unpredictable. The Broncos & Cardinals were so predictable that everyone knew what would be called before it happened. Kubiak has had a couple of years to “observe” what seems to work now. Let’s all hope for Case’s sake that he took a page from Sean Payton’s playbook.

(Chris) #3317

The Broncos have a new HC. The Broncos website has some players commenting on his arrival. Case is nowhere to be found…
Here is a comment from their new HC
That “Right now” could be translated into Flacco coming. Kubiak & Flacco worked together with the Ravens.

(Gerald) #3318

You can change the appropriate names and this would apply to the Texans as well.

(Chris) #3319

Agree, Watson’s improvisations “masked” bob’s offense deficiencies. The superior franchises keep exploring new ways to “open up” their offense. Belichick & Payton are the masters at it.


Dear Coach,
Just put some decent talent around him and he will thrive.


Assistant shocker: Gary Kubiak will not be Denver’s offensive coordinator, league sources tell ESPN.

After lengthy discussions, Denver and Kubiak had different ideas on staffing and offensive philosophies. Both sides going in different directions.

— Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) January 11, 2019


Thank you for posting.

I guess the only question is, is this good or bad for Case?

If this means they are going away from Kubiaks old school west coast offense, I think it could be good for him. Maybe they want to be more aggressive, the new coach mentioned what he like about Case in Minnesota.

I guess the bad could be that they are going in a completely different direction and Case doesn’t fit the direction they want to go.

(Cougarpad) #3323

If that unfortunately happens I am sure Holgerson would have a headset ready for Case as QB coach with his college and NFL experience. I would prefer things still work out with Denver of course.


Same. I hope he gets to have a great year next year like he did at Minnesota and get another multi year contract.

(Patrick) #3325


With a defensive coach, and a healthy offense, Case should do much better next year I believe. Just add some weapons to the team, thanks in part to Case’s friendly contract, and they will be much better next year. I hope at least.

(Chris) #3327

Interesting article:

There are some interesting OC possibilities. Case could benefit greatly from Bevell and Siranni. The hire should happen soon.

(brian D GALLAGHER) #3328

I noticed Keenum and the Broncos visit the Texans next year. Guess i’m gonna actually go to a NFL game at NRG with my Keenum Broncos jersey.

(Mike Higdon) #3329

I have a Keenum Texans jersey and a Keenum Vikings jersy. I’m afraid to get a Keenum Broncos jersy.

From the article a couple of posts up, I found this very interesting:
"The Keenum quarterbacked 2017 Vikings reached the NFC championship game and swept their Chicago series with a 20-17 road win and a 23-10 home victory. Keenum, against Fangio coordinated defenses, combined to throw for 329 yards, two touchdowns and zero interceptions.

"I know what (Keenum) is capable of," Fangio said, "and we’re going to try to get that out of him."

(CoogNation_14) #3330

Oh, that’s tough. I wouldn’t get one after that run.
His job depends on your decision to buy his jersey. :smirk: (Black Mirror Bandersnatch :japanese_ogre:)


(Chris) #3332

Elway’s latest comments are bad news for Case. The good news is his contract. I would not be surprised if they are trying to trade him or trying to restructure his contract.