Case Keenum Official Thread

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It seemed like every time he made a good play for a big gain someone on the line or elsewhere would get a penalty. Bolles was guilty most of the time. It was a frustrating year, I went to Denver for the Texans game and that was heartbreaking.

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Agree. The addition of a new HC, OC & OLC are the first signs that the Broncos are addressing their 2018 downfall. At worst Case’s contract assures him that he will collect the remaining balance of the $25M’s guaranteed. The reality is that Case has never had an offense designed around his best strengths. You keep reading that the most important position is the quarterback. What about the best possible players & game plan to make your most important position successful? There is no way of knowing how well Case can play. We all know his NFL journey. I hope that for the first time he will be put in a situation to succeed.
Denver does not have what the Rams were able to do post Fisher. They got McVay, Wade, traded and acquired a multitude of key players. Some will argue that this was orchestrated for the Rams to attract the L.A. market and the construction of a new stadium.
Are the Broncos rolling in the dough?
They do have access to the flea market, can contact ebay but that is about it. Trading Von Miller makes more and more sense.

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Keep on rockin Case!

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They just traded for Flacco.

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Damn, Keenum just can’t catch a break.

At least he’s going to get paid.

Curious to see how this plays out.


I posted on the other thread but I’ll say it again here. If Lamar Jackson can beat out Flacco then so should Case.

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Wasn’t Flacco hurt?

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It’s just worrisome that they would waste talent to trade for a QB, unless they just want a seasoned backup.


I agree. I guess it is just that this is old hat for him so he will rise up and win with the new OC.

I’m thinking that the indication is like what you said and that is to have a seasoned backup. Flacco may need more time to heal.

In the long run they draft offensive line and other needs first. If they want a QB they can go a little later and now with two veteran QBs you can develop the talent.


I can’t see them keeping Keenum now, would be way too much on the cap for 2 QBs. I think they save $11 million if they were to release him. Even if Flacco re-negotiates, it will be a ton of money trying to keep both. They will need that money for another guy on the O-line and another WR

Another huge mistake by the Broncos. You get a similar QB who is older and more expensive with more years left to pay.

Edit: Also possible they ask Keenum to re-negotiate too. If they have a $10 million cap hit, maybe work his deal down to that. Hopefully throw on another year as well to entice Case to do it.


I don’t understand this move. I’m not sure Elway is the sharpest tack in the box. It’s no secret they want to draft a QB. Jared Goff turned out pretty good playing behind and learning from Case. Why go get another expensive QB that has trended in the wrong direction the last few years. I still think they are gonna draft Drew Lock. It doesn’t make sense to me

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Let’s just see where Case ends up in 2019. May not be a starter but if he can backup in a strong organization that will benefit him. Another Minnesota situation is what we need. New England backing up Brady would be ideal.


The only thing that will piss me off is a repeat of the Rams situation.

New coach, new line, etc and then a different QB comes in gets tons of praise and Case gets unjustly criticized.


Any discussion about him going to the Cards? Curious to see how a Kliff / Case reunion would pan out in the NFL.

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They are not bringing in Flacco to have as backup to Keenum….no way. I see Keenum being put on trade market soon. Flacco trade can’t be officially be done till March 13, so will be dead period for a while if they have indeed agreed on trade.

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I’m hoping Keenum to Arizona or NYG.

Glad I didn’t buy a Broncos jersey.


They will try to trade Case … Unlikely they can get that done. So they will cut him and pay him the 7mill he’s guaranteed. No way they can afford 2 QBs at 18mill each per year