Case Keenum Official Thread

(James Duncan) #3373

New York and Coach Shurmur seems to have legs. He’d see the field with old Eli in front of him

(John Simpson) #3374

Might depend on how Kliff feels about Josh Rosen.


Maybe you weren’t meaning to reply to me. No body said they would

(Tom Green) #3376

After I read my post I see how you could have interpreted it different way. Was actually agreeing w you that they wouldn’t keep both QB’s due to Cap hits.


That IS the problem. Everyone wants him to be a backup, not because he is a sorry player, just because. You have guys like Ryan Malkard, Matt Shuab, etc. That they will bend over backwards to make staerters who really desrve backup status…this is why my heart has turned from the NFL.

(Cougarpad) #3378

Come home Case! You know Holgerson has a headset for you as an assistant. You played under him when he was an OC under Sumlin. Now you can coach under him. I think Case could work himself into a good QB coach. He has valuable college and NFL experience he can share with current and future UH QBs. The other only option Case might have is as a starter in the NFL is with his good friend Kliff in Arizona.

(RICK LAIRD) #3379

Case isn’t done yet. Never giving up on Case, that’s what I know.


Case is only 30, he has several more years even as a back-up.


Arizona, mentoring Rosen in Kliff’s system would be best scenario IMO.


Case will land somewhere and he will be ready as soon as an opportunity comes up. He’s a fierce competitor

(brian D GALLAGHER) #3383

Best job in NFL is a backup QB Getting millions to not get hit…


I’ll wear a base ball cap and carry a clip board for a lot less!! But, you do NOT want to put this 59 yo in!!


Not true…ask Tom Brady which he rather…

(Chris) #3386

Our job is to:

Three weeks later Case is on the trading block. That is the life of an NFL player. Nothing is ever guaranteed. This is not the NBA or MLB. The good news is that Case will get $7M guaranteed. The bad news is about when he could or will get cut. Many are suggesting Case will be cut before training camp so it will be favorable for the Broncos salary cap. Before training camp? This is not favorable for Case’s future. By then many teams will have found their QB or back up QB. The key for Case is to get “connected” to the right “wagon” like he did with the Vikings. Both of their QB’s were hampered by injuries. Case took his chance and played at an elite level. What other team in the NFL presents a similar opportunity? There is only one that I can see. The Eagles are the obvious choice. Wentz has a damaged back. Foles played great these last two seasons when given the chance. Does that remind you of Case with the Vikings? How was Foles with previous teams? Mediocre at best is the best description. Does that remind you of Case? Did Case beat Foles with the Rams? This is such the life of an NFL QB. Let’s hope case lands in Philly. Let’s hope they can afford him. It is a win win opportunity.

(Patrick) #3387

I’ve seen a few NFL-centric folks bandy about Case to the Cardinals for a low draft pick. Cards would then restructure Case’s deal and he’d basically become Rosen’s backup while reuniting with Kingsbury.

But, these aren’t Official NFL reporters throwing this around, just guys speculating.

(Chris) #3388

These are rumors. Keep in mind that Rosen has sustained numerous concussions already at UCLA & with the Cardinals. I am not convinced that he is suited for Kingsbury’s offense. The Cardinals new Coach proclaimed that Josh is our “guy”. How many times have we seen that one before? At this moment all possibilities are on the table including them getting Murray. Would they trade or wait for Case to be released to sign him? It is a possibility.
I come back to the Eagles. Wentz has a major back issue.

That is the official news release. Anyone that can chime in on a broken vertebra knows that there is a lot more to this. You combine it with a recent ACL Wentz is a major question mark for them. Trading Foles and getting Case make all the sense in the world for both parties.

(Cary) #3389

From what I’ve seen reported officially and my understanding of Case’s contract/cap implications…

  • Case is guaranteed another $7M after being paid $18M last year on a $25M guaranteed contract.
  • The Broncos are shopping him, hoping to get a 5th round pick at the least.
  • If the Broncos are able to trade him, they would have $3M cap hit this year.
  • If the Broncos aren’t able to trade him, they get hit with a $10M cap hit and still owe Case $7M; Case could then sign with whomever he pleases.
  • If they don’t cut him, they have to pay him $18M.

Understanding those parameters and understanding there are very few teams that will see Case as an absolute must to sign… I don’t see why any team would trade a draft pick to swallow an $18M contract for what most people (and I hate this because it is unfair to Case) consider a stopgap QB. Why would any team do the Broncos a favor?

In the end, I think Case gets cut, the Broncos take the $10M cap hit and pay Case the $7M (in effect paying him $25M for one 6-10 season… way to go Case!). Then Case goes and plays on a new contract with another team.


From personal experience and I think Patrick can weigh in on this, any back issue at all can at the very least be limiting and nagging. There are so many different variations of fractures and associated problems that can occur from a fracture. Bulging disc, herniating disc, nerve compressions, etc.

I didn’t suffer a fracture but I had compression of my L4-L5 to where I had herniation and compression of my nerve of approximately 80%. To say the least it was completely debilitating. Two days before surgery I completely lost feeling in my leg as well as motor function. By the grace of God I was able to get into surgery fast enough to where they could decompress it and I regained complete function and feeling.

The rehabilitation process is slow and steady because you don’t want to do anything to set yourself back, but there’s also that mental aspect of trusting your body. When you are younger the problem is that you feel invincible so it’s much more likely that you overdo it and push yourself too hard. Look at what happened to JJ Watt, when I read that he was coming back to play after his surgery I told everyone that he’s going to re-injure his back and sure enough he did.

So I don’t know the extent of his fracture in injury but I can tell you from personal experience that any back injury is no joke and there is a specific timeline for each type of injury that you have to take.

(RICK LAIRD) #3391

No telling where Case ends up. I’ve read Cards, Giants, Bucs, Redskins, Jags, Dolphins and Texans. There will be/is a demand. Could be a good thing for Case to go somewhere where there is a better o line.


No to the Texans, unless Watson is getting traded and or Bill Obrien is canned or his can has been kicked (Matt Thomas ref. to Case)…