Case Keenum Official Thread


I assume any team that trades for him will re-negotiate the deal. I see him making $7 million next season regardless of where he is, maybe some extra non guaranteed money, but not much so the cap hit isn’t high. Getting Case for $7 million is a good deal for a lot of teams, especially teams with a QB on a rookie contract (Cards, Bills, Browns, Bears, Eagles, Jets, Cowboys).

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Shawn, I had C4-C5 compression along with a bone spur. It was “mild” according to the doctor, but it was enough that I couldn’t stand or sit for longer than 30 minutes without almost passing out. I’d have to lay on the floor at work under my desk for about an hour or two just to be able to get up and do 30 more minutes of work. A day of that and I was sent home pretty much for good. It got so bad that I had to walk with a cane and be wheeled around in a wheelchair. I couldn’t get surgery in the military because they didn’t believe it was serious enough. Ended up having to wait two years before I finally got processed out to go get laser surgery. Came out being able to walk and sit again.

I’m still recovering from it, though, both physically and mentally. Tough part was going from a very active lifestyle to a very non-active one. Still dealing with that one.

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I’d have to agree. I think the 5th round pick the Broncos are asking for us probably way too high, but someone might bite on draft day.


I feel your pain to everything that you just said. One thing that has helped me tremendously is muscle balance. I saw a specialist about checking my muscle balance so I could see where I was off and needed to strengthen.

They did this with Dwight Howard here in Houston after his back surgery. He said it helped him tremendously so I gave it a shot. I noticed a huge difference and fast.

You ought to research it and look into it. God bless.

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Great insights guys. This is why the Eagles option makes more and more sense. This is the NFL where very little makes sense. We might not know Case’s next Team until June. For him let’s hope not.


If they get rid of Case, Flaco will be out for the season with that offensive line of the broncos. He is not the moble QB he used to be. And the Broncos don’t have a great recieving team nor the world beater defense they think they have.


The next casualty at Denver will be John Elway after Flacco doesn’t work out.


Was Flacco ever mobile?

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It’s interesting to hear from you Shawn and Pray about back injuries. I think we’re all around the same age and I also hurt my lower back badly at 27 falling in a ditch on a bicycle. Thankfully no surgery like ya’ll, but I’m still in constant discomfort at age 40. How pro athletes can persist without retiring right away (Larry Bird) is amazing.

I still don’t want to see Case in Philly though. Those fans are brutal. I don’t want to see things go badly in front of them. Cowboys fans OTOH are seemingly docile and easy to please… that would be Option A.

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Not sure what Elway meant by short term, but in a few years I will be ready to see
Case come home and be QB coach.

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It’s more likely that Case wants to go into sports marketing after his playing career. He has little interest in coaching,

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I wonder where everyone gets their information as to what Case will do after the NFL. He may want to coach and he may want to be a pastor – and everything in between. He may want to drop anchor somewhere and stop the nomadic life that players and coaches often go through.

Kimberly may want to settle down as well. She has followed him all over the country.

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Will do, thanks


Sorry to that, it’s so annoying and life altering. Not sure if you saw my email to Pray about muscle balance. You should research it as well. It is something you have to constantly do but it sure beats the pain. When I get busy and fall off the exercises I start getting back spasms and pain. Get back on it and it resolves quickly.

I’m mixed on Philly as well because of that. I want him to have a chance to play but not if they are going to throw chunks of ice at him.

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Can you please give us your personal insights about stem cell therapy? It has been around for a while now. Pro athletes prefer to go that route instead of surgery when it is not too late. I have done some research on it for about ten years. All of the contacts that I have had tell me that it has worked amazingly well for them. I have talked to patients with ACL, rotator cuff, Achilles and even hips issues. Unfortunately it is not covered by insurance. PPR is or somewhat? Patients that have rotator cuff issues usually go through five to eight injections. It is at a cost of between $5k to $10k…Hopefully costs are coming down.
Do you see any signs that it will be covered by insurance in the near future?
Regarding Case I did notice that his mobility seemed hampered during the season. I sure hope he is back 100% healthy.

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I’m going through stem cell therapy now. I’ve had shots in my neck, lower back, and hips. I can say, they have definitely helped out quite a bit in all areas and greatly reduced the pain that I had been feeling. I’m sort of lucky with it because I’m under the military healthcare system still and they are about the only insurance that covers it.

I think other insurances are still wary because it’s such a new technology and there isn’t enough evidence yet to promote it at this time. I even talked to my PCM at the VA about it and he was skeptical about the benefits that I would get from it. I don’t agree with him though as I’ve felt the benefits and my wife is currently going through it for her back issues and seeing similar success.

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Poor Case. More. Fun.


That sucks but if Lamar Jackson can beat out Flacco then so should Case.


Case will most likely be released. He’ll likely get a shot to compete in camp somewhere though. My guess is reunion with Shurmur in NY. Or maybe AZ to reunite with Kliff?


I feel like I’m on the bus with Case. Ahhh … Get the map out Honey … Here we go again