Case Keenum Official Thread

(David) #3413

That would be interesting.

(Ray ) #3414

Case led a broncos team to 6-10. That doesn’t really say, hey i deserve to be the starter


I love Case, but I just don’t think he has “it”, to make it in NFL, arm strength is not good enough, scared to hang in pocket, figidety in pocket and makes bad throws and decisions, I’ve watched him and pulled for him his whole career, yes he had 1 great year in Minnesota, but I just don’t see him making it, sadly in the NFL, I had to take my Cougar colored glasses off to say that though


Doesn’t matter. Mediocre or not he’s still the only thing I care about actually watching in the NFL.


He certainly didn’t come in and definitively prove he should start. But Vance Joseph’s game management was probably the worst in the NFL. The play-calling at times was very bad. The O-line play was very bad and his receiving corp the last 4 or 5 games was probably the worst in the NFL. I doubt Flacco even wins 6 games there last year so this seems like a pretty dumb trade.

Case has some things he can do between okay and well and some things he’s pretty bad at. He can be a capable starter in the right situation.

(Ian Blake) #3418

Broncos owe him 9 million guaranteed this season and eat another 10 million in dead cap space. For Flacco. Without a line. Or receivers. Elway might be next when this does not work out.

(Kyle) #3419

Flacco isn’t good…


Elway is probably trying to cover his butt. Get a different veteran QB and draft the next young hot shot QB also. Elways last shot at job security


I think if the Broncos inserted Flacco into that team that Case had played with last year (With the exact same coaches and players that Case played with) he would be eaten alive! I don’t think Flacco would be able to win more than 1-2 games if he is forced to play with the same coaching staff and players! If it’s hard for Case to win with last year’s team, then Flacco, the human statue, would be even worse off!

People may laugh, but I predicted that the Vikings would be worse off with Cousins on the team rather than Case! I made this prediction on Youtube and a couple sports sites after seeing many Vikings fans and other posters who said Case sucked and that Cousins was a major upgrade to Case and that Cousins would take the Vikings to the Superbowl! Well, it didn’t turn out that way! Of course, I received a lot of flak for my prediction and my opinion that Cousins is no better than Case!

It is easier for people to blame the quarterback for everything, but football is a team sport and who the quarterback is surrounded with as far as his teammates and coaches make all the difference in the world!

If they put Tom Brady with the Texans back when Case was playing for them, Brady would be killed rather than look great like he does in New England! An immobile quarterback like Brady would only prosper if his O-Line gives him lots of time to throw the ball, back when Case was the Texans’ QB he seldom ever had any time to look down field! Can’t get the ball to your receivers if you’re busy running for your life! Just look at what happened to Nick Foles once he is surrounded by a better group of players and coaches! BTW, in my opinion, I also think Foles is a better fit for the Eagles than Wentz and I’m willing to bet that if the Eagles are stupid enough to get rid of Foles and keep Wentz, they are making a terrible mistake!

(John Simpson) #3422

It was the Bronco’s brain trust (Elway, Kubiak, Joseph) that brought Case to Denver to replicate his success at Minnesota. How do they do that? By bringing in Bill Musgrave as the OC!!! Seriously!!!
IF it’s possible to fire Elway in Denver, this Flacco trade proves that Elway’s days are numbered.

Personally, I’m glad for Case to shed of them; the organization and the fanbase. They were insufferable.

(PortlandCoog) #3423

QBs often get too much praise when the team does well and too much blame when the team does poorly. Denver’s line was terrible.


I agree with everything said in the 3 posts above. Also all the franchise QBs … Brady, Drew B, Rogers ect have been with the same team and same coaches for a long time for the most part. They have built the offense around their QBs to take advantage of the strengths of each individual QB. They don’t make the QB fit into the OC’s brilliant “System”. Alot of egos in the NFL to deal with

(Russel ) #3425

I always thought Minnesota would have been best place for him…they were a game away from reaching the super bowl last year and a huge part of that was his play. Instead they decide to let him go and overpay for a QB that has never won anything.

(Thomas) #3426

Case got paid. Time to bring him home to help Hulk Holgo with the Coogs.

(Marcus) #3427

This trade makes zero sense for the Broncos. They’re clearly in rebuild mode offensively and looking for their long term solution at QB. Why give up a draft pick and a substantial amount of cap room for a stop-gap that offers very similar production to what you have? Especially since Case is guaranteed almost all of his contract for this year too.

I think there’s a good chance they cut Case and he ends up as Rosen’s hand holder in Arizona, hopefully making more money with combined paychecks than he would have if Denver didn’t cut him.


Outside of what he did at UH, I’ve never been a huge fan of Case. I just don’t think he has what it takes to be a franchise QB. He’s either a backup, or he’s jumping around different teams.

I think he should just aim for a backup spot, collect that NFL check, and not risk being a free agent.

He’s a great guy… I mean he’s in the NFL for god’s sake, but he is not a star QB at the NFL level. He had a great season at Minn, but he’s not consistent.


Last year, besides having not the best coach, his receiving core either gets traded, injured or are rookies. The offensive line is completely redone due to injuries and they were on their 4th tight end. So basically he was playing with 3rd stringers or backups. Tough to do much in that situation.

To know if the lack of production was due to a receiver not going the correct route or what it is hard to say. But they were 6-6 while beating two playoff teams before Emanuel got injured and really crippled the offense. So it wasn’t like he was terrible. Even his last game I thought he played pretty well, but with no play makers and rookie receivers, he had no chance.

I was really hoping for a redemption year this year, but who knows. I will say, that every time Case is put in a back up role or tried to be set aside, he tends to always come out on top. So who knows…

(Ben B) #3430

That was one more win than the previous year.


Either way it goes Case has had a good run. Could be a top-notch backup for another 10 years if he’d like but that’s not his DNA…kid is a WINNER. Elway is grasping at straws as Flacco suxs at this point in his career, he’s the statue of liberty back there

(PortlandCoog) #3432

So he should just give up? You don’t know the competitor Case is. Many talented QBs get destroyed by bad lines and bad coaching.