Case Keenum Official Thread

(Ben B) #3433

Seroiusly, they had a Championship game team, switched QBs and then missed the playoffs. 8-7-1. Wave Cousins and bring back Case if you’re smart, but you aren’t or you wouldn’t have changed in the first place. NFL coaches and GMs are stupid with rare exceptions.

(James Duncan) #3434

This is a very fair take. I know a lot of us want to see him coach with UH soon but he’s only 31. He can last a great deal longer as a backup and should get lots of starts during that time to shine some. It’s a fairly cushy gig being a backup from what I’ve seen, and I think that position’s salary is probably still north of 6 figures.

Selfishly I want him to continue his career so I can have a reason to follow a team in pro ball, whether starter or backup.


The more I read about Flacco the more perplexed I get. I think the Ravens pulled a rabbit out the hat just finding a sucker to take him. Maybe I’m wrong but …

(Cougarpad) #3436

Come home Case! You know Holgerson has a headset for you as an assistant. You played under him when he was an OC under Sumlin. Now you can coach under him. I think Case could work himself into a good QB coach. He has valuable college and NFL experience he can share with current and future UH QBs. The other only option Case might have is as a starter in the NFL is with his good friend Kliff in Arizona.


Yep, I’m a Case fan no matter what and I am glad he had a great pay day. Too soon for Case to come back as a coach.

(Cougarpad) #3438

Case is no doubt a fighter but you have to think at some point this has to get tiring for him. Every time it looks like he has finally found a team that values his talent he gets the rug pulled from underneath him. He is also married to a wife who has to go through this every other year with him. At least at UH he will know that he will be appreciated.


That’s what I was thinking. I guess it’s a good way to meet new folks and see the country

(Mark Shapiro) #3440

Just because the Broncos made a trade for Flacco, doesn’t automatically mean that Case lost his job. Flacco is a train wreck. He lost his job to Lamar Jackson (who was very over rated in my opinion). Jackson did a great job of running the ball but his throwing left a lot to be desired. I think Case keeps his starting role and Flacco was acquired to be #2. I think Baltimore found the sucker they were looking for in trade talks.

(Marcus) #3441

There is zero chance that Case is on the Broncos 53 next year. They’re trying to find a trading partner for him now. If they don’t find one, they’ll cut him. Elway is in CYA mode and Case is joining Vance Joseph under the bus.

(brian D GALLAGHER) #3442

Case will end up as Dak’s backup in big D playing for his good buddy Kellen Moore . Can’t wait…


Elway is positioning himself for a lottery pick so he can draft Deriq.

(James Duncan) #3444

I wouldn’t mind this. Apologies to those who cannot bear the Star


I could see this option for sure…I’ve hated the Cowboys my entire life…BUT…for Case, I could stomach them for a few years…least I can do for all the great times had watching him with my son as he grew up

(Katie) #3446

Cowboys are my nightmare.

I’m hoping Redskins.

(Mike Hull) #3447

Despite Case playing for some pretty bad teams, generally, and Flacco playing on better teams, generally, this article says their career numbers are very similar, but that Case has a higher overall QB rating.


I think Baltimore got to dump a huge salary on Denver, and Elway is trying to fix a structural problem with the Broncos with a band aid.


I would have to agree that Keenum is not a franchise QB. They were discussing on 610 that if he is released, perhaps the Texans would sign him as Watson’s backup. I’d be surprised if that happens. I think Case will try to be a starter somewhere(ie. NY Giants or AZ). Case has proven that with the right personnel around him, he can win in the NFL. Most people thought he would never play a down in the NFL so he’s already winning in that regard.

(Tom Green) #3449

Can’t afford both due to salary cap hits. Can’t see both being there w one as backup.

(Mike Hull) #3450

To save a click, here’s the point from the article I linked above:

Heath Cummings of CBS Sports noted that Keenum and Flacco have put up comparable numbers since Keenum entered the league:

“Heath Cummings

Since Case Keenum entered the league:
Keenum 62.0% CMP 6.9 Y/A 6.5 AY/A 3.5% TD 2.3% INT 84.5 Rating
Flacco 62.6% CMP 6.5 Y/A 6.0 AY/A 3.5% TD 2.5% INT 82.3 Rating

If the Broncos are unable to find a trade partner for Keenum, they may need to release him, which will count for $10 million in dead money against the salary cap.


I watched a lot of the Broncos this year. In my opinion, Case was hurt this year. His arm strength, which was never going to be compared to Dan Marino’s, was a fraction of what it was a year ago. I think he played hurt this year and in true Case Keenum fashion, didn’t complain or go public with it.


Case was an amazing college QB but after years in the NFL its clear he isn’t a NFL franchise QB. He has proven to be a high end backup or quality starter with the right pieces around him (Minnesota). He doesn’t quite have the arm strength, accuracy, and calmness in the pocket needed to be a true franchise QB.

A franchise QB can overcome many things like poor play-calling, O-line, and receiver play - things Keenum dealt with last year in Denver and largely couldn’t overcome.

Keenum has made ~$25 million in his career as an undrafted QB which is awesome. I have no doubt he can (if he wants) play another 5-6 years as a backup QB at around $3 million per year and put another $15-20 million in the bank. He may have to move a couple more times though.