Case Keenum Official Thread

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Sorry but I can’t agree with that.That’s the superstition that ESPN and, worse, owners operate on, but that’s a rainbow unicorn. Every good quarterback has a good team around him. It takes a qb with high level skill and performance to win, but you can say that about any position on the field. The magic of Brady is that he has consistently taken less money per year to keep open cap space to maintain a great overall team.


I’ve always felt Case is a capable NFL quarterback, but for him to succeed he needed help… great OL, great play calling, great WR’s… That Minnesota season could’ve easily given him a Superbowl like Doug Williams… a one and done type deal. Seeing him bounce around like he’s doing… just has to land in the right spot and I think that window of opportunity is slowly closing on him.


The Packers were 6-9 this year. With Aaron Rodgers, who started 11 games.

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Flacco is washed up. Stupid trade by the Broncos. Meanwhile, Viking fans have really soured on Cousins. I would like to see Case go to NY Giants. Arizona is a horrid franchise, always has been always will be as long as the name Bidwell is involved with the ownership.

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Being 6 foot puts him at a disadvantage in the pocket, the lines he has had had have been very bad. The Vikings line in 17 was tbe best one he had and they got worse as the season progressed. Flacco will get destroyed in Denver.


There are other six foot QBs that are doing just fine. I think it’s more a function of not having any talent around him.


To the Texans, Rams, Vikings and Broncos:


Would be the perfect fit. Him and Dak are similar QBs so the offense would be easy for him to take over. I thought the Cowboys should have picked him up two years ago, hopefully if they get the chance again they don’t screw it up. Plus Case was a Cowboys fan growing up (as any self respecting Texan outside of Harris county is).


Case hurt his knee in the 2nd game this year. Still not 100% …

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Well, I am a huge Case fan, no matter where he plays, whether he plays, whether he starts, or whether he’s a back-up. I think he can be a really good starter if given adequate players around him. I am pulling for him and for any team he plays on.

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I’m right there with you red80. To the point of annoying friends and family. :grin:. I’m not an NFL fan or a Texans fan, but a Case Keenum fan.

I think unfortunately Case has spent nearly his entire career on bad teams, or at least teams with bad OL. It’s probably true of many qb “busts”. We all saw what he could do last year with a good OL and a competent coach. Off the top of my head I can’t think of any QBs that took over for Case that had better success with the same team.

I’m not saying he’s a HOFer or even Pro Bowler, but he’s carved himself out a nice career… Much better than the NFL front office brains ever thought he’d do.


Well said both of you. I think a lot of people forget what kind of teams he’s been on. Honestly, he is only been on one team that had an average to better than average offensive line, a good running back, a good set of wide receivers, and a good defense. That team was Minnesota. The rest of those teams were pretty much a dumpster fire.

Some people try to say that Minnesota team carried him but it’s funny how Kirk Cousins was supposed to be a better quarterback and take them to the next level yet they didn’t even make the playoffs with the same team that Case played with.

Bottom line is Case is a good NFL quarterback in spite of the hand he has been dealt and what statistics may show. That is not being biased, that is a fact. If he can get one more chance at a team that has those qualities you will see that team go to the playoffs and have potential to win big games. Not in spite of him but because of him.


Bill Belichick is truly a football genius, year in and year out his O-Line is never 2nd best in my opinion, especially in big games! Patriots’ O-Line always do its job at keeping Brady upright so that he can make those big throws! That’s the main secret to the Patriots’ success!

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Is this the Case Keenum thread or not? Just asking.


There is no QB that played better than Case in those teams that he had played for and that’s why you couldn’t think of one! Remember, Jared Goff went 0-6 replacing Case!


Sucks for Case, at least he got paid and is set for life, not too bad at his age and I’m sure he still has some years left as a backup.


What Minnesota did differently with him is have him throw the ball downfield more often.

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He did make it in the NFL. The fact we are discussing his career 8 years after he left UH proves everyone was wrong about him. He made it.

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And allowed him to move around as well.

Denver wanted him to stay in the pocket, with a subpar offensive line, and play conservative. That’s never been Case’s strength.

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So now we have 2 Case Keenum threads. I can’t run! :tired_face::stuck_out_tongue: