Case Keenum Official Thread

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Can this thread be merged with Case’s?

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It’s ok Chris, just messing was subject matter. I was told not to open up Case thread(so I don’t) if I didn’t want to read about all the excuses on why he is not successful in NFL. It’ll just reappear again somewhere else.

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That’s the same problem he had at Houston; the coaching staff wanted him to stay in a non-existent pocket. His HC at Denver last season was part of that Houston staff.

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I’ll try to merge it over the weekend


This man has spoken like a true hater, horn, or aggie. The first snap he took from the first game i witnessed him playing, i could see the IT factor all over him. Shoot, you donrt have to have the best set of eyes to see that. There were Texans fans tat actually believed that Schaub was a better QB…huh???


Case led a broncos team with a bad offensive line, a head coach who costs at least two wins because of his poor game decisions(against Texans and KC) and the last 5 games an all rookie recieving team. Most places it would say yes I do.

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I believe MANY Coogs are Coog fans and NOT NFL fans. Wherever Case and some others go I am a fan of the individuals with character who represent UH.

The NFL as a business can stuff it for all I care!

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I think with any QB it has to do with what they are best at vs. the type of offense that he is forced to succeed in.

Case does best running around yet traditional offenses try to get the QB to remain in the pocket and produce. Case did that as long as there was a pocket with Denver but that only lasted so long.

At Minnesota Case was allowed to run out as the pocket collapsed and still took many hits trying to fit the mold.

Many times I have said, the worst thing a defense can do against Case is flush him out of the pocket. If, as in Minnesota, he has receivers who continue to work to get open while Case is scrambling, he strikes like a snake. This is the Kingsbury abs Shurmer way.

How soon Minnesota forgot Fran Tarkington’s scrambling successes only to see them revived in Case.

When Case came back to the Texans to win two or three, they basically designed a more wide open and ad-lib capable squad, it was fun to watch and he won.

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Must a gotten a new regime that built a team. A team is more than a QB.

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Yes, the next year Gurley was back and healthy, they beefed up the OL, and WR’s. OH yeah, they added a defense with Wade.


Yes, Keenum would do well to follow in Kingsbury’s footsteps. Kliff didn’t last nearly as long in the NFL as Case has already accomplished, and he was on the UH staff (working for Dana) just 5 years out of college. Then, he was a college head coach at Tech just 10 years out of college. Now, he’s an NFL head coach just 16 years out of college and he isn’t get hit by any big defensive lineman or linebackers. And I don’t think that Kliff is hurting for money either.

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Need more Case Keenum talk pls!



Based on the idiotcy of the current QB who with the better arm couldn’t take a very good team back to the playoffs. The best trade would be Case for Cousins with an extra draft pick for Denver.


I wonder if Chad O’Shea (new Miami OC) has any plans for Case in Miami since it has been determined that Tannehill will be traded?


O’Shea doesn’t have any ties to Keenum that I know of.


Other than being UH Alum and Doc O’Shea’s son.


So no ties to Keenum, got it



Really dumb move by the Broncos. Flaco is less mobile than Case and will be a sitting target in their division. What was really dumb was that the new offensive coordinator likes Case as a QB. Maybe Shemur will take him to New York.