Case Keenum Official Thread


IMO … No disrespect to anybody but John Elway as a (GM) is similar to Clyde Drexler as a (HC)


It’s kind of sad reading that article. He is such a class act ALL the time and it always sucks to see people that are class acts get walked all over.

Obviously he’s getting paid good money but still it always sucks to see a good person have to deal with so much adversity.


Elway’s problem is that he was a great QB and he thinks the QB is the answer to everything. Even if there are no good receivers nor a good O line. He made it work therefore his QB has to be able to make it work even if the O Coordinator is not very good.

(Patrick) #3496

It’s disappointing because Case gave up other opportunities in order to play for Denver. I just hope he finds a good landing spot.


Well said.

(Chris) #3498

You need a ton of luck in the NFL to succeed. It does not matter how good you can or could be. Case, Nick Foles or Matt Cassel are perfect examples of it. When players are put in the right position to succeed they succeed. How many QB’s went through the “meat grinder” without any help on the OL? I stopped counting long ago. Do you think it is another coincidence that Brady had so much OL protection in the playoffs? The NFL is synonymous with the “good old boy network”. Guys like bob are Head Coaches and are so called QB gurus. Need I write more? What matters most is that Case got paid & hopefully will continue to get paid. I wrote it before but the Eagles imo is the perfect landing spot for Case.


Some guys went through no grinders, yet everyone want them to start despite their failures: Matt Schaub or Brock Osweiller anyone???!!!

(Cary) #3500

Uh… no.

(Mike Higdon) #3501

Let’s see, it sounds like he wants Case to pay for the privilege of backing up Flaco. I’m not a financial wizard, but that doesn’t sound like a good business decision.

(Chris) #3502

Sure he does. Re-structure your contract. That’s the message…Why should he? The N.F.L. is about “grabbing” as much money as you can while you still have your sanity. The other message is what the Cardinals G.M. just said. It is right down the same web-link. Kiem is on the hot and has been for a while but this is news worthy. His words just like Fangio’s about Case might (just a guess) indicate that the Cardinals are shopping Rosen. This is all speculation on my part but Murray to Phoenix could open the door for Case to “warm” up Murray’s seat. Again and again this is just speculation.


I say no to that…Elway is a clown.

(Patrick) #3504

Elway’s doing PR. He’s basically trying to make Case look greedy and not loyal so that when they trade/cut him, he won’t take as much heat.

Case already knows the writing is on the wall.


Three games in Flaco will be on IR because he is not as mobile as Case and is going to be getting hit on a regular basis. He won in Baltimore because of their great defense. He had one great year. This is Elway loving a tall QB syndrome.


Hey Iwas a huge fan of Elway growing up, but these days it seem like he is out of touch with what Case brings to the team. As a plsyer, Case reminds me of the way Elway would run his team. They both sre comeback Kings. Flacco isnt the guy, just an aging nsme. Why fony you let them compete for the stsrting position.

(Jimmy Morris) #3507

Case was a free agent. He went with the highest dollar offer. He wasn’t forced into that offense.

(Chris) #3508

Yes Jimmy but at the same it makes no sense for the Broncos to put in a system that does not use Case’s best traits or not use what made him successful with the Vikings or U of H.
Why would the Broncos spend $M’s on Case and not put in an offense that suits him? How many franchise make the same mistakes? Way too many. It is as if N.F.L. franchises have money to waste or…could care less about the fans. You gotta admit that this is quite obvious.
TV contracts go a long way it seems. Let’s all hope Case is given a “real” opportunity to succeed. Interesting isn’t on how a “stop gap” almost reaches the Super bowl? Week after week Zimmer tried to down play Cases’s game and today it is just like he was never there…except for the Vikings fans.


And now Zimmer has Cousins who won’t take chances like Case did and his team did not even make the playoffs. Hope Zimmer down deep realizes the mistake he made.

(College of Technology Class of 1981) #3510

Given Case’s situation I think I would feel “forced” to go for the money. Regardless, the QB doesn’t seem to dictate the offense in most situations, imho. I could be wrong, not really so much a fan of nfl,

(Jimmy Morris) #3511

Because Keenum was their best hope to fit into their system. That’s why the big pay day. There are 50 QB’s in the league that could guide an average team to .500 if the system is tailored to them.

(Chris) #3512

Best hope and without using the play action? I was never sold on Kubiak. It is clear that the Bronco’s brass did not learn anything from Cases’s Denver days.