Case Keenum Official Thread

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Spells doom for Foles? Dunno…

I think Case and his agent had justification for that contract and maybe more based only on what the talking heads were saying.

I don’t think your figure of average team to .500 with a tailored system is out of the question… except that a particular system is not necessarily manned with the proper personnel to execute that system.

Denver was not really very good at maintaining or even forming a pocket at times. I remember Kenny Stabler at the Oilers, Don Meredith at Dallas, Tarkington at Minnesota, etc.

Don’t take my statements as adamant, I am learning here and just ‘splainin’ my thoughts.

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KC changed their offense from the one that favored Smith to the one that fit Mahomes because they have a coach that knows how to adapt to his weapons.


It’s hard to come down on Elway as the bad guy since he is responsible for Case’s Big Pay Day. Elway can spin it any way he wants, he paid for the privilege of obtaining the rights to Case and if he has determined the Broncos need to go in a new direction then so be it. Most of us believe that Case has the ability to be not only a starter in the NFL but a highly regarded starter at that. Unfortunately, he has only had one season where he has been surrounded by decent team mates.
It isn’t fair and doesn’t showcase his abilities but Case got paid. That’s more than most can say. Go Case!

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Rumored to Redskins per & Yahoo Sports.

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My team! I’m silly excited.


Looks like Case to the Redskins is HAPPENING and that there were a half dozen teams interested in trading for him. The other QB they have is Colt McCoy. The two are set to compete for the job, but I’d assume that Case will be No. 1 because they’ve already seen what Colt can do. Moreover, says Keenum was their No. 1 target at QB.

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ANYBODY but Giants, Eagles or Redskins… crap…One Keenum Jersey i guess i won’t have…

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Bear, I have to commend you for your very fair and balanced posts.

Also great to hear the Washington news.
A definite storied franchise and a huge fan base in the mid-Atlantic states.

It would be wild if Case leads them to their first NFCG appearance since the Cold War ended. That was that same NFL season as Ian Howfield and same postseason that Elway drove down the field against our Oilers.

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Wow so this is really happening. Case is being traded to Washington as per the lead headline on

That’s especially positive from an optics standpoint as a trade means the receiving team is giving up something in return.


If true, I don’t see a #7 on the roster. So that means he can get back magical number 7 and rekindle what he did in Minnesota.

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Does it also mean his contract stays in tact?

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I’m hearing for the deal to work. Keenum might have to restructure his guaranteed 7 mil. down to around 3 mil. If true, no way in hell should Keenum do that.

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As a life long Houstonian–Suburbs it all counts and who despised any Dallas team growing up, still do, can’t wait to see the UH Alums who are Cowboys fans reaction. My team was Oilers of course but my 2nd fav team was Redskins for many years, going back to Jurgensen, Kilmer, Charlie Taylor, then Riggins etc… I’m not the huge Keenum fan as NFL QB as many here are so if he indeed does go to D.C. be interesting to see where the allegiance is with the big Case fans here who are also Cowpoke fans.

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They’d have to extend his years and give him a bonus if they want to reduce his salary. They can’t just take away money from him as he has to make at least the same amount under a new contract, even if it’s spread out.

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Mike Klis ‏Verified account @ MikeKlis 40m40 minutes ago

Broncos have trade parameters with Washington for QB Case Keenum : Broncos get WAS 6th in 2020, WAS gets Broncos 7th in '20, per source. Keenum 's contract reworked. Broncos pay him $500K restructure bonus and pay $3.5 million of his $7M salary. Washington pays $3.5 mi

Keenum gets an extra 1/2 Million to agreeing to trade… Nice


Per this, Denver and Washington are going to split the $7 million owed. Of course this is all subjective and we’ll have to wait and see until it’s official.


Ha!! Just a little quicker on the draw than me. :slightly_smiling_face:

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New NFL season doesn’t start till March 13th and nothing can be completed before then. Even the Flacco deal to Denver is not yet done of course till next Wed.

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Wow when i was the service i would go round and round with those redskin fans in southern Maryland about the oilers and coogs as Ware won the heisman. Now I’m a dang Redskin fan. They are great fans and its a great sportstown. The horseracing was especially good.