Case Keenum Official Thread

(RICK LAIRD) #3533

I hope they have a good o line.


That’s actually not quite how NFL contracts work. I think you are confusing how cap hits for guaranteed money work.

(brian D GALLAGHER) #3535

Most of Redskin Fans reaction to Keenum are pretty much the same. Calling him Garbage and trash…

(RICK LAIRD) #3536

Guess I’ll pick a forum and be the bad guy again. Im gunna find one with classier folks than the orange mane, that place is a human waste dump.

(James Duncan) #3537

Probably another anonymous twitter sauce but this sounds plausible. Case has had success vs the NFC west teams. Really only LA to contend against vs Dallas/Philly in the East


My two favorite NFL QBs…Case and Warren!


Well, the Skins are my new team… Go Skins


Our journeyman QB lives to see another opportunity. Go Washington!

Caveat…I would never root for Washington, but now they’ve become one of my favorite teams.


Redskins fans do challenge Eagles and Giants fans for the lowest IQ fan base. I wouldn’t advise trying to communicate with any of them.

(John Simpson) #3542

What do you say Katie? OL any good?


I think that’s mostly twitter and it’s also in part due to organizational distrust (that’s one of the reasons Broncos fans were overly hard on Case). I checked out one Skins forum briefly and even though many of the fans weren’t particularly excited, they acknowledged this is a really solid deal for the Skins, which it is. The Skins are basically moving back 30 spots at the very end of the draft and having a $3.5 million cap hit for a guy who has proven to be at least a capable backup/fringe starter with one great outlier year you hope he can repeat. Schaub made $4.5 million last year at age 36.

(Chris) #3544

It is plausible and it points that way. Remember that Mahomes waited a year before he became a starter. Who is better than Case to “teach” Murray what Kingsburry system is all about. Case’s N.F.L. experience is the perfect transition for all parties concerned including both franchises. It is cost effective and it unloads Rosen’s contract.
Case is getting $7.5M guaranteed for a one year contract. The $500k comes is as a restructured bonus.
He signs for a mediocre Team with a Coach on the hot seat. At this point it is hard to imagine that the Redskins will even make the playoffs. They look like a Broncos 2.0.
I sure hope Case ends up with the Cardinals.


Case to the Redskins is a good move. Whatever happens will happen but no one can say Case didn’t get everything out of his abilities. He is my most favorite Coog of all-time. Although I am getting very fond of Kelvin Sampson.


Worth watching at the 2:30 mark, accurate assessment. I value the opinions of players more than the experts that have never even played football.

(sphinx drummond) #3547

Colt McCoy and Alex Smith didn’t fare too well behind the Redskin O-Line.

(Gerald) #3548

Nooooooooooo. I have been a Cowboy fan since I could walk. Not even Case being a Redskin can get me to cheer for them…

(Patrick) #3549

He is going to a better offensive line according to the stats:

Washington was 19th while Denver was 24th.

Washington’s OL:

Another year, another injury-riddled nightmare for the Redskins. Nine different offensive linemen played at least 200 snaps for Washington this season, and Ty Nsekhe was the only backup to perform to a decent standard. He’ll be an interesting name in free agency, as the 33-year old backup has consistently been competent filling in at tackle.

Denver’s OL:

This line dominated at times when fully healthy, but once injuries struck, they had no answer. Their two best starters, Ronald Leary and Matt Paradis, both ended the season on IR. While third-year starter Connor McGovern looked competent at guard, he was a nightmare at center. He allowed 22 pressures in eight games at center filling in for Paradis.

(Patrick) #3550

In fairness, Keenum faced a few significant obstacles. The Broncos played nine games against teams that finished 9-6-1 or better. Head coach Vance Joseph and offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave were also under fire before being relieved of their duties. Wideout Demaryius Thomas was traded midseason, and two Bronco tight ends (Jeff Heuerman and Jake Butt) suffered season-ending injuries.

(Chris) #3551

We all know that the Cardinals need depth. Trading Rosen to the Redskins makes perfect sense since Case restructured his contract. It opened the trading door for:
Rosen to the Redskins for a second to third round pick with maybe a late round pick.
Case to the Cardinals on a one year contract with a signing bonus and an options for another season.
The Cardinals get a “a la Smith bench warmer” for Murray and possibly additional picks.
Let see how this develops.


I felt the same way, being a KC fan, when he went to Denver. I’d purchased some Vikings/Keenum stuff but no way could I get any Denver swag no matter who was on the their team.