Case Keenum Official Thread

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You probably have seen/heard this already:

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The Cardinals should just keep Rosen,draft Murray and see how Murray does. Then they could probably trade Rosen for a weapon or a good lineman.

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Admittedly I’m stuck in the 90s as far as pro football following but just looked it up and Phoenix has actually been to two NFC title games since 2008.

Skins haven’t sniffed it since 1991. Hard to believe but the Cardinals are the better franchise between the two right now. I’d be all in for Case to get a shot with them with Kliff running the show vs what looks to be an empty roster in DC.


What’s up with this Cardinals stuff? This isn’t the NBA. NFL teams don’t trade for players with the intent of quickly flipping them as part of a larger package.

Also, why would anyone want Case in AZ anyways? Maybe it was due to Rosen and Wilks, but the Cards were atrocious last year. Maybe Kliff will turn them around, but his 35-40 record at Tech should give pause. And if they do take Kyler #1, Case would have a very short leash if he opens the season as the starter.

Other than maybe the Giants, Washington was probably about the best possible semi-realistic scenario of options where Case could have a good shot to open the season as the starter. They were 6-3 last year before Smith got hurt (and likely would have beaten the Texans in that game to go 7-3). Jay Gruden is a very good offensive mind and his offense is a good fit for Case. Their skill positions aren’t as great and wouldn’t help Case’s below average accuracy like Thielen and Diggs did and someone like Beckham would, but they’ve got a decent defense and offensive line.

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A trio of entertaining videos from today’s sports debate shows.
Case had his usual fans of Skip Bayless (Fox), Kay Adams (NFL Network), and surprise surprise Nick Wright. Their counterparts took the negative position.

Skip is a huge Cowboys fan and he made a comment that for the first time the Redskins ‘scare’ him as opposed to the Cousins era. Kay states that Washington was 6-3 starting out last year until injuries got them, and Case can replicate Alex Smith’s play. Nick says Case is better than Colt McCoy and he likes the deal from Washington standpoint.

Skip Bayless

Nick Wright (starts at 1:40)

Kay Adams


Didn’t Emmanuel Sanders also get hurt?


yes. Case finished the last 3 or 4 games with nothing but rookie recievers, a bad OC and a clueless HC.

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The Cardinals did not get the #1 pick by chance. They were horrible last season. So yes they could trade their #1 for multiple picks. Trading Rosen to the Redskins gives them a 2nd or 3rd pick. Getting Case in return gives them a starter mentoring Murray. Case knows Kingsbury’s offense with his eyes closed. Murray can greatly benefit from Case and from his N.F.L. experience. Kingsbury too can benefit from Case’s knowledge on how defenses plan schemes. I will add that Larry Fitzgerald is for sure a HOF and they have potentially a very good RB.

Gruden’s record with the Redskins:


Team Year Regular season Postseason
Won Lost Ties Win % Finish Won Lost Win % Result
WAS 2014 4 12 0 .250 4th in NFC East – – – –
WAS 2015 9 7 0 .563 1st in NFC East 0 1 .000 Lost to Green Bay Packers in NFC Wild Card Game
WAS 2016 8 7 1 .531 3rd in NFC East – – – –
WAS 2017 7 9 0 .438 3rd in NFC East – – – –
WAS 2018 7 9 0 .438 3rd in NFC East – – – –
Total 35 44 1 .444 0 1 .000

Mediocre. That is how the Team has been described by their own fans.
Check their 2018 OL ranking. They are not much better than the Broncos. This was posted before.
We can also point out how the Vikings decision has turned out so far. Case was playing with a questionable OL in 2017 and went to the NFC title game. Cousins went on an early Christmas vacation in 2018.
Again it is speculation on my part but Case going to the Cardinals via the Redskins is highly plausible. We should know by Wednesday.


I’ve got more I can say about your post but the main hole I’d like to point out is that you basically imply here that going from Case to Cousins is the primary reason the Vikings won 5 less games last year. Guess who Gruden’s QB was for most of his HC tenure?

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Fair enough but who wanted Cousins the Redskins? The G.M. makes the call but the HC has to agree. They could have traded Cousins earlier.
Here is another interesting stat. In June of 2017 the Vikings OL was ranked 31st out of 32 Teams.

Case’s ability to avoid the rush made the entire offense better. NFL network Kay Adams mentions at 5:20 that the Vikings had a great OL. It was not true. Case’s rating under pressure was 2nd out of 32 QB’s. He had weapons to throw the ball to but most importantly he had a system that was re-designed to utilize his best traits. Kingsbury will be able to do that with the Cardinals. I can’t say the same with Gruden. His record speaks for itself. He had Cousins for multiple Seasons but was unable to get into the playoff but for one season. Is Cousins that bad? Five seasons is a long time in the N.F.L.


I’m not a Gruden stan or anything, but he’s a very smart offensive mind and is a lot better than Vance Joseph/Bill Musgrave. According to you, Case over Cousins should be worth several wins so Gruden should have been winning 10+ games some of those years if he had Case instead, right? Also, you can’t just ignore that they were having a very nice season last year before Alex Smith went down and even McCoy went down quickly after that so they started Sanchez off the street.

Also, it’s bizarre that you want to hammer Gruden for going 35-44 in the NFL mostly with a QB you say isn’t particularly good and an injury plagued QB season that started off really well, but you don’t think Kliff going 35-40 in the Big 12 with friggin’ Mahomes and Baker Mayfield for multiple years is questionable?

If Case had gone to Arizona (or goes there, but again, I don’t think this trade would happen to set up a later trade because I don’t that’s ever happened in the NFL), that’s cool. I’d be interested to see what he and Kliff can do. But I think this is a much better situation, on paper at least.

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But Cousins took the Redskins to the playoffs once, in 2015, and lost their only playoff game. They won the East only because someone had to, but a 9-7 record is not indicative of a great team. I think Cousins is one of those “it’s all about me” guys and does not display real leadership – just stats, which are often meaningless.

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It is always good to have a discussion. That is why I appreciate you and this forum.

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You might be right but it always comes back on how a QB is being utilized. Did Gruden or Zimmer use Cousins for what he is good at? Zimmer was forced to by Shurmur. We all know how it turned out. I keep coming back that so many HC or so called QB gurus are not legitimate. bob si a prime example of it. You draft your new QB and you have an horrible OL for how long? It is 100% on the Coach and G.M. I am just saying that in very humble opinion Case is better off with Kingsbury.


Same! Kliff + Case would definitely be interesting. I for sure would be/would have been cool with that. The Giants were my first choice for Case but I think this is solid. Gruden did really good things with Andy Dalton. Case still has to beat out McCoy, though.

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I agree that Case would be better with Kliff; but I’m talking about what is, not what if.

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Fair enough.


Cousins has a great arm but he is stubborn about what he throws and when he throws it. Shumur was frustrated with him that he wouldn’t take chances to throw the ball downfield which is what Case did.

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Do you mean the Minnesota OC? Wasn’t Shurmer at NY Giants last year?


I was talking about the Minn head coach. May have got the name wrong. _