Case Keenum Official Thread

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Coupled with, hopefully, an offense using play action and other means to get Case that chance to “run around a little”…

Wonder how their receivers are about finding open space and coming back for the ball.


As an Oiler fan, I say you Mr. Cowboy can forgive, forget and cheer for our UH son, Case Keenum.

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Lol, well stated!

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Mike Glennon, the Cardinals back up was cut…

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More official welcoming media from our new favorite nfl club.

And If they truly are planning to repackage him to Phoenix, they are sure making a good show of it with a flurry of Keenum tweets this afternoon. …I think he’s in DC to stay for 2019.


Thank you for posting. By any chance do you know what the hashtag stands for?

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Is it that ‘Hail to the Redskins’ HTTR one you are referring to?

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Thank you, I have never followed them closely so I was unfamiliar with it. I’m going to modify it to #HTCK - Hail To Case Keenum

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Please draft some linemen. Chubb was good but Nelson for the Colts was better. These teams need good o linemen, look at the Patriots o line, they were perfect.

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Every team Case has ever played for, I have begged them to draft Offensive Linemen. They never listen. :rage:
(at least while Case is playing for them)

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Hey no kidding right. Ever since twitter/insta blew up in the mid 2010s every one has a hashtag or chant. The only good one is #YWCF :slight_smile:

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As Washington now serves as his fourth NFL home in as many years, new Redskins quarterback Case Keenum relishes every opportunity that is given to him. After producing historic numbers in his five years at the University of Houston, he surprisingly went undrafted in 2012, serving as a pre-cursor to his gritty NFL journey thus far.

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Pat you beat me to it. Great video in there breaki g down his good plays.

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Finally someone shows what most of us have seen since he stepped on the field at UH.

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Not sure how authentic but lots of chatter on the Skins acquiring Stephen Diggs. He’s the one that had great repoir with Keenum in 2017. Diggs’s brother posted a Photoshop of him in a Skins uni about bringing him home. He played at UMD


Wow, I hope that it turns out to be true. He needs a go to guy that he can trust and can trust him.

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Love Chris Cooley