Case Keenum Official Thread

(RICK LAIRD) #3593

We got a game in Dallas this year! Plus cheap flights to dc.

(RICK LAIRD) #3594

And try to let me know if you find any half price deals on tickets.

(Randy ) #3595

6 cities in 8 seasons.

(The Merry Prankster) #3596

6 cities in 8 seasons.

For some odd reason, that made me immediately think of those boxes that still haven’t been properly unpacked since we moved into our brand new house in Pearland on Christmas Eve 2005. It started snowing when we arrived at Pappasito’s on Richmond in SW Houston. By the time we got home, our house & yard was covered in about an inch of snow and enough of it lasted to the next morning, the closest White Christmas this native Houstonian has ever experienced.

(Mike Higdon) #3597

I come from a nomadic tribe myself, I changed schools 11 times. My great grandmother said that when she was a child they moved so often that every time her father hitched the mule to the wagon, the chickens laid down and crossed their legs to be tied.

(Patrick) #3598

At one point, I had 24 addresses in 13 years while in the military. It was nuts.

I feel for Case and his wife. Hopefully, he can find a home in DC.

(John Simpson) #3599

I always rooted for the Skins to beat the Cowturds (Oilers fan) back in the day. Haven’t cared all that much last several years…til now! Go Case! Go Skins!!!

(Katie) #3600

I fear they are going to trade him. He hasn’t gotten nearly the social media push of their other signings.

(Gerald) #3601

I hope so. The thought of Keenum as a Redskin offends me.

(Cary) #3602

I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. Hopefully, he finds a home in Norther Virginia.

I am on 14 addresses in 15 years of duty. I should have another one next year. Yay me…

(Chris) #3603

The Cardinals signed Hundley (from Phoenix/Chandler area) as their back up. He is mobile but he has not shown anything under pressure. He will need it in this system. Rosen and Hundley are both UCLA products…

(bg) #3604

Case will wear #8 for the Redskins


Do you plan on retiring at 20??


That sucks!!! Why not 7? I didn’t see anyone else with 7 unless they have recently updated the roster. The superstitious side of me feels 8 is bad luck for him.

(Gerald) #3607

Just him being a Redskin is bad luck for him.

(Chris) #3608

I am not of Asian ancestry but ask the Asian community eight is a revered number. It is not the number. It is the man.


Retired joe theismann number? Not sure if retired no or not

(bg) #3610

(James Duncan) #3611

Team loyalties aside that photo illustrates how very sharp the Redskins uniforms are. One of the finest in the sport

(Patrick) #3613

No, Sammy Baugh’s 33 is the only retired number for Washington. 7 and 17 aren’t being used by any current Redskins, but 7 was Theismann’s number and 17 was Doug Williams’ number.

Could be Case isn’t happy with 7 anymore considering that, I believe, he was wearing it because Elway was his childhood hero.

Interesting that 8 was Kirk Cousins number.