Case might start Sunday

Looks like Bradford’s knee is no bueno…

I would love to see Case get the start; but I’m not wishing ill for Bradford. He played spectacularly in the last game and I hate to see him get injured again and again. But, that was a known fact when they signed him.

Swelling is obviously very problematic. Could it be bone spurs, patella issues, ligament tear, degenerative arthritis etc? I have had the displeasure of having a knee surgery. Anyone that has had can say the same. Unfortunately knee surgery are still “a dice in the air” Your knee is rarely the same after you have one. Stem cell surgery is the future but it is still not reimbursed by insurance. Regenex is pretty popular.
Most pro athletes go the stem cell way. Unless you have a clear bone break with multiple issues it is showing amazing results.
Look at Intercondylar notch stenosis.

A lot of athletes that have had multiple surgeries in the same areas suffer from degenerative arthritis.
I wish him good health. It is very unfortunate for anyone.
Let’s say it is really swelling (can’t trust the media) the Vikings have no choice but to NOT PLAY HIM. I find it rather surprising that this news is out. Someone leaked it. That is another story all by itself.

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The Vikings activated their 3rd string. I now think that Case is starting against the Steelers. I can’t see them risking Bradford for the year.

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