Catalon gone


Duarte just reported Duke Catalon has left the team due to personal reasons

(Ricardo Montano) #2

Hope everything is well. I guess Mulbah is the guy now.

(br5exg) #3

Or maybe this guy…


Won’t Williams have to sit out a year though? It shouldn’t impact catalon


Kelan Walker? Mitchell? Carr? There’s an opportunity here for whoever wants it bad enough.


I was extremely excited with Catalon chose to transfer here, but it just never really worked out. Too many injuries and terrible OL play. I wish him the best of luck.

(br5exg) #7

He can graduate in May.

(Cristian) #9

are you serious… Bryson, Catalon who else… smh


Bryson? Did he say something today about transferring?

(Alfred Matthews) #11

nah people are freaking out that tune is opening the spring 2nd on the depth chart


Gotcha. I’ll freak out if he says he’s transferring. Otherwise, I’m ok with him having to earn the #2 spot.

(Butch) #13

Agreed, but while I have been a tad disappointed that Catalon has not rushed for a zillion yards his two years here, I still think he was by far our best returning back…

(Tom) #14

That is disappointing, was hoping he would put on a show as a senior this season. Wish him well

(Shawn) #15

In 2016 and 2017, I believe Catalon had to deal with concussions. I wonder if he had lingering effects from multiple concussions? Whatever his reason(s) is/are for leaving the team, I hope he is well, on track to gradate, and I thank him for being a UH Cougar. I enjoyed watching him play. Next man up…M. Car. I love his north/south running ability. Car does not try to juke/jive and run around people…he will lower the boom and run through people. The spot for the #2 RB should be a good one to watch in the Spring.

Go Coogs. Peace.

(PortlandCoog) #16

This is a tough sport. Concussions/Injuries are serious. I am grateful for his time here and hope he graduates.

(Dan) #17

Duke came up big in some big games. OU he was huge. Best of luck to him we will be fine at RB.

(CoogNation_14) #18

Yea! I will always remember that!

(Patrick) #19

Duke had to be talked into coming back to play football last year as he had lost the passion to play football. Guessing he’s just ready to move on with his life.

Good luck to the young man as I hope he finishes up his degree and enjoys the rest of his life.


It’s good that he is honest enough step aside instead of playing just to hold on to his scholarship and possibly hurting the team and whoever will now step up.

I still think we need 3 more or less equally capable backs. Two to rotate and one to back up.

(Patrick) #21

Mulbah will be one of them. Patrick Carr and Davion Mitchell could be in the mix. I’d also expect Kelan Walker to come in and get reps immediately.